Understanding the Importance of Having Healthy Eyebrows

Why do we have eyebrows? It is an important question because it not only deals with looking good but also with being healthy. In fact, the aesthetics of healthy-looking eyebrows are closely related to a number of crucial health facts. Have you ever thought about the health issues related to your eyebrows? Looking a little closer will teach you why it’s healthy to have properly maintained eyebrows. Here are the 6 health benefits of having good eyebrows.

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Beauty Blooper: 10 Eyelash and Eyebrow Fails to Avoid

Did you know that a recent study has found that eyebrows is a woman’s most important facial feature to make a lasting impression? This is remarkable, and you’d think that many women are immune from eyebrow mistakes based on the importance they place on looking and feeling great. But the struggle to have the best brows and lashes is real for many women. To maintain health eyebrows and eyelashes, it’s important to learn from your and other people’s mistakes. Here are 10 common fails with tips on how to fix eyelash and eyebrow blunders.

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The Foolproof Guide to Finding the Perfect Eyebrow Color

In the age of social media and selfies, are you sure you’re enhancing the right features to make your face stand out? If you rely on the standard answer revolving around the nose, skin, eyes and lips, then science has a surprise for you. A recent study of the University of Lethbridge in Canada has found that the perfect lush eyebrows is a woman’s most important facial feature since these hold the highest value in terms of making a lasting impression. Are you surprised?

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15 Common Eyebrow Fluffs You Might Be Doing Today

Do you have an eyebrow shaping routine you swear by? Well, you might want to update that trusty routine of yours because you might just be committing some common eyebrow shaping mistakes.

Are you taking care of your eyebrow gaps properly? How short do you pluck your brows? Get to know the eyebrow mistakes everyone needs to avoid and read below.

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A Comprehensive Guide To 2016 Eyebrow Game (Trends)

One of the beauty trends that practically defined 2015 is eyebrows on fleek. With the rise of international and local celebrities that sport striking eyebrows, whether it’s Cara Delevingne or Maine Mendoza, it would be no surprise that we are all going to see more eyebrow trends this 2016.

Getting your eyebrow game on is no joke. While some of the biggest myths on brows have already been debunked by the beauty experts, take note that taking care of your brows while making them look good is still a balancing act.

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What Eyebrow Shape Best Suits Your Face

Aside from lip enhancements and extreme contouring made popular by the Kardashian sisters, one beauty trend has been sweeping social media for a good couple of years. Since the recent blossoming of the “Instagram makeup” phenomenon, every self-confessed beauty guru, makeup enthusiast, and trend-conscious fashionista has been trying to achieve one defining look: brows on fleek. If any beauty must-have could define the early 2010s, it would be this one. These days, everyone seems to be after that perfectly manicured, sleek, and on fleek eyebrow game. Come to think about it, who can blame them?

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then it should be just right to invest a lot of effort in grooming and beautifying that which frames them: your all-important eyebrows.

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