More and more significant technological advances has been happening even in the field of hair restoration. FUE Robotics offers the latest in hair replacement.This method of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) replaces manual labor since both graft harvesting and transplantation are done with the help of a computer generated robot.


Why Other Clinics Forcing The Issue Of FUE Even If The Patients Desires FUT

Most patients with hair loss problems considering hair transplant surgery will often come across the terms Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transfer / Strip Method (FUT) during the course of their research and whether how to decide whether an FUE or FUT hair transplant is the right choice for them.

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Loss of Self Confidence, and Decrease in Libido Linked To Male Pattern Hair Loss

The most valuable asset a balding man has is his confidence. In fact the same is true for a man with a full head of hair. It doesn’t matter how balding, gray, fat, thin, tall or short you are because attracting the opposite sex is all about confidence.

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The Results of Hair Transplant

It is easy to understand the importance of this care when you consider the reasonably lengthy process that will turn the transplants into full and healthy hair. What happens almost immediately is the transplanted hair (usually most of them) fall out due to shock loss. This simply means that the hairs suffer trauma from being relocated, and the falling out should occur within ten days. It is generally not until two or three months after surgery that new hairs will start to sprout from these transplanted follicles, and from that point the hairs begin to grow regularly and thicken for approximately six to nine months.

During this process, nurturing the hairs and keeping the area healthy is vital to maximize the success of the transplant. You should first try to remain patient and avoid anxiety about the hair’s appearance.

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Why is Hair Loss a Problem?

Why is male-pattern baldness a problem?

It may sound like an obvious question, but it is worth considering a little more deeply. After all, why should male-pattern baldness be a problem? It is not a life-threatening condition. It is not even a symptom of a more debilitating condition. It is simply a fact of life.

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What Happens Before, During And After Hair Transplant?

BEFORE: With Nu/Hart Hair Restoration Philippines, your individual hair restoration plan will be mapped out during your first visit after the hair transplant surgeon makes an assessment of your condition. Your scalp will be scanned to look for the number of follicles you will need and the type of hair loss treatment which will best suit your needs.

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Do Hair Transplants Work?

You’ve tried everything – lotions, potions and pills – but nothing seems to stop that receding hairline. Don’t you wish there was something you could do once and for all and get back your crowning glory? There is one sure-fire solution and that is hair transplantation – a one day procedure that will do away with your baldness permanently. Nu/Hart Hair Restoration Philippines answers some common queries about hair transplantation.

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How Hair Transplant Can Change Your Life?

Hair transplant has become quite popular, safe and reliable with the advancement of technologies in medical industry. Baldness is a huge problem for millions of people, but they should not get disappointed because they can get hair back on their head with hair transplant treatment in Nu/Hart Hair Restoration Philippines.

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