15 Reasons Why You Should Choose NuHart Hair Restoration Philippines

15 Reasons Why You Should Choose NuHart Hair Restoration Philippines - The Best Hair Clinic in the Philippines

If a celebrity wants to monopolize a story from the headline, she just needs to sport a new hairstyle. That’s how powerful hair can be. Obama decides to shave his head completely, Wall Street woes would have to give way. It should be no surprise then that some people. Especially middle-aged men, are obsessed with their thinning hair and receding hairline. In addition, hair loss and balding have never before been taken so seriously. Making permanent hair loss solutions a billion-dollar industry. 

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Average Cost of Hair Transplant in the Philippines

Since we’re celebrating the season of giving, receiving, and being merry, we’d like to ask all the men out there. Have you ever considered giving yourself a one-time gift that will solve your hair loss problem forever? In our world where everyone likes the idea of a quick fix, do you also resort to bandaid … Read more

Avoid Hair Restoration Risks: A 6-Step Guide

In undergoing any surgical procedure, safety is a prime concern for all patients. For people with hair loss problems, a common question comes to mind: Is hair restoration surgery safe? Admittedly, there has been much success in performing this procedure and restoring lost hair. However, hair transplant has accompanying risks and side effects, both immediate and long-term.

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12 Questions Worth Asking During Your Hair Loss Consultation

10 questions you should ask in hair loss consultation

Hair loss consultation is offered for free by some hair transplant clinics in the Philippines, so you can just walk in and possibly meet with your doctors. As a patient, it is already uncomfortable for you that you are losing hair, and now you must reassure yourself of that sense of hope that your self-esteem would be restored. Ask about your doctor’s credibility, the clinic’s local and global footprint, as well as the risks and details on hair restoration and rehabilitation.

We know that such an endeavor can be very time-consuming so in this blog, we present 12 questions you can ask during your hair loss consultation.

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Four Ways to Fix Hair Transplant Problems

Hair transplants have been around for long time. Before the 80s, men who were desperate to do something about their balding problems mostly relied on an older version of hair plug procedures. Unfortunately, this procedure, along with other factors such as inexperience or poor technique of a surgeon, can cause hair transplant problems later on. How do expert hair doctors come to the rescue of patients who are extremely dissatisfied with their procedures? Here’s how it can be saved and corrected.

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7 Things To Expect After A Hair Transplant Procedure

In the movies, you can tell if a character is vain, an authority, a lover, a bad person, or simply funny and ridiculous just by his hair. That’s how important the hair is for a person — it’s almost like a mirror of who he is. It should be no surprise then that people, especially men, who suffer hair loss, will do everything to bring back their full, healthy, bouncy hair. In fact, one study found that nine out of ten men cite baldness and thinning hair as their top concern. Men stress over it and sometimes are obsessed with it. There are shampoos, scalp creams, and oral medicines that help grow hair. Hair growth formulas are a billion-dollar industry. However, when hair becomes too stubborn to grow, a hair transplant process is not far behind.

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Concerns About Hair Restoration and the Truth Behind Them

If you’re suffering from hair loss and you’re looking for the right treatment, undergoing hair restoration procedure is well worth considering.  Before you decide to sign up for any hair restoration service, you must do your homework first and know what you’ll get into. Since it involves surgery, you have to decide carefully if this is the right solution for your hair loss problems.

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How To Find The Right Hair Restoration Doctor

The Philippines has been experiencing a great surge in medical tourism for the past several years and is predicted to become a $3-billion industry this year. Foreign patients recognize the competency of Filipino doctors and the reasonable price of services and facilities. This is why the country is now considered one of the best places to get reliable but affordable cosmetic surgery procedures, which include hair transplantation or hair restoration.

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Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Hair Restoration

While there are countless hair loss information and treatment options available, hair transplantation is the only permanent solution to hair loss so you can enjoy a fuller head of hair. During this process, follicular units are taken from the back or sides of your head, which are donor areas that will eventually regrow hair. The follicular units are dissected into grafts, which are then placed into the thinning and balding areas of your scalp. A natural approach to hair loss treatment, hair transplantation uses your own hair and makes it grow permanently, requiring no additional maintenance.

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