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When talking about hair loss and bald spots – the visual that comes to mind is usually of a man with a shiny head. This is because although hair loss is both experienced by both men and women, the effects tend to be more noticeable in men. Further, permanent hair loss affects 70% of men … Read more

Myths About Baldness

One of the greatest problems that people face when tackling baldness is the fact that there are so many strange tales, weird cures, odd ideas and mysterious myths surrounding it. Part of the problem is that male-pattern baldness, as a condition, is not entirely understood by the medical community. So wild tales and cure-alls proliferate and it is not always possible to disprove them. The other part of the problem is that many men looking for a cure to their baldness are tempted to try anything. And there are lots of unprincipled people around prepared to cash in on that desperation.

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Here are the causes of Hair Loss!

On average, a person loses about 80 to 100 hairs daily. But there are some individuals who lose more hair than that! This results in hair balding which gives some individuals social anxiety and low self-esteem.

What is the root of the problem?
A healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Any kind of scalp disease, or even inflammation can weaken the roots of hair follicles resulting in hair loss. Trouble sign to look for is shedding of hair in large quantities after brushing or combing. If you have lost all your hair already and you are beyond the stage that your hair will re-grow again with the help of non surgical treatments, then scalp diseases can also come in the way of hair transplant.

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5-minute Early Morning Hair Makeover For Super Moms

As a super mom, do you still allot time for you hair amidst the morning rush? You sure have a lot on your plate—whipping up breakfast, preparing the kids, and rushing to work. If you struggle with your hair and worry that your hair routine will take forever in the morning, this article is for you. Check out these five-minute hairstyle tips for super moms in the morning.

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What Women Love: 10 Hair Trends in 2016 for Men over 30

According to several style insights based on social media patterns, fashion shows and celebrity looks, the haircut trends for men in 2016 evoke modern masculinity that is edgy, easy-to-maintain, and attractive to women. More men in their 30s up are style conscious, yet they want it uncomplicated for the most part. Ambitious men over 30 are busy enough with their careers and personal life, and hairstyle is merely a means to achieve their goals. You want to look great while succeeding in your life goals for the year 2016? Try one of the 10 trendy hairstyles for men in their 30s and older.

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10 Undeniable Signs of Healthy Natural Hair

There are a lot of hair products promising to give healthy, bouncy and luscious locks. And maybe they do. But how do you even gauge healthy hair? Can you tell if it is healthy just by looking and running it through your fingers?

The importance of having nice and well-groomed healthy hair goes beyond what the eyes can see. Think: what do you feel during good hair days? In simple terms, healthy hair makes one feel better about everything—about himself or herself, about going to work, about talking to other people, and about reaching their dreams. And ladies, you might also want to know that aside from that confidence, what men notice first on women is your hair.

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