Emotional and Hair Health Interplay and How to Address It

The Science Behind It You might think that physical appearance should have nothing to do with your self-concept, simply because there’s more to a person than just the looks. However, studies show us otherwise. In fact, one research has proven that self-care, masculinity or femininity and pleasantness affects the level of a male or female’s … Read more

Hair Growth Trends All Around the World

New year, new look! Most Filipinos love the idea of changing their looks when the new year comes. Some would change their hairstyle like women cutting their hair short, which we’ve seen as a trend in the last couple of months. Some would change their hair colour into noticeable shades of pink, green and blue! … Read more

Can I Colour My Hair After Transplant?

When it comes to choosing one’s appearance, we do not compromise on how our hair looks. Every person is unique, and so is their growth or recession of hair. So, for the people seeking a solution for their hair loss problem, hair transplant is their best option. When the question of hair transplant arises, a … Read more