Eyelash HAIR Transplant

Highly Advanced Eyelash Hair Transplant in the Philippines

Achieve long and luscious eyelashes when you visit NuHart Philippines. Our clinic offers highly advanced eyelash transplant in the Philippines. We have a team of hair doctors that expertly performs the procedure to ensure that nothing will go wrong as you undergo this operation.

Originally, this procedure is intended as a treatment to people who have no lashes due to genetics or trauma, like alopecia, burns, and etc. It is only until Dr. Romeo V. Bato, founder and president of NuHart Philippines, introduced it as way to thicken and enhance the appearance of eyelashes has it become an aesthetic procedure many have wished for especially those who aren’t lucky enough to have long and tout lashes.

eyelash transplant process
eyelash transplant

For this procedure, donor hairs often come from the person’s scalp. This means that the hair will continue to grow and that trimming it every month is necessary. Unlike with other hair transplant procedure, doctors took extra care in performing this surgery. This is mainly because it will be implanted on a delicate part of the skin.

The transplant requires perfect placement of these hair so that they are angled properly right on the direction they’re supposed to be. It is also because the position affects the manner of their growth. This is why it’s important you work with only experienced surgeons to ensure that each lashes are transplanted correctly.

Here at NuHart Philippines, we offer safe, effective and permanent solution to grow out your eyelashes naturally. To give you assurance as you decide to go through the process of transplantation, our doctors are more than happy to patiently answer your question related to the procedure.

Whether you simply want to enhance the appearance of your eyelashes or want to regrow it due eyelash gap, NuHart Philippines got you covered.

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