Corrective and Remedial Procedure

For most patients seeking revision work, the result of the initial hair restoration is a “pluggy” or “doll’s hair” look. This is usually from the transplanting of grafts that were too large, either performed years earlier or more recently with old-fashioned, outmoded techniques. Often times, these grafts need to be removed and dissected down (FUE plug punch removal), then replanted in a more aesthetic pattern to achieve a much more natural appearance.

Some of these grafts can simply be reduced in size (FUE plug punch reduction), and the removed portions replanted. Additional hair grafting can also be a very effective way to improve appearances, capable when performed aesthetically of creating a more irregular, natural appearance. Sometimes, patients prefer to “just be bald”, having all the grafts simply removed and the scalp allowed to heal and become as smooth as possible, while the hairs from the removed grafts can be either discarded, or replanted into prior donor site scars.

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