Why Choose Nuhart?

Guarantee or Promise

For all Nuhart hair restoration treatments and procedures performed at Nuhart Philippines, we offer specific guarantees or promises depending on the treatment type. It is our goal to make sure that your hair restoration results and experience meet your expectations.


Either you are a good candidate for hair transplant or not, you will hear Nuhart doctors honest opinion; this all depends on the quality of hair on the back of scalp. You will be charged of the number of grafts and not the number hairs transplanted. Follicular grafts are not divided for maximum growth and density.


With over 25 years of experience in hair restoration, Nu/Hart is the ultimate solution to hair loss for athletes, celebrities, students, professionals, service / trades people and anyone who is concerned about hair loss.

Natural Results

Performing hair transplant is a combination of art, aesthetics, and science. As board certified cosmetic surgeons, Nuhart Team of doctors has perfected the art of creating and designing the a natural hairline. They guarantee natural hair transplant results. You just notice more hair. People from all over the world consult Nuhart

FUE Hair Transplant Only

Nuhart offers only the technique of Follicular Unit Extraction( FUE) or Nu/Hart’s NeoGrafting procedure. NeoGrafting is where individual follicular units are strategically harvested directly from the donor area by scoring the skin, and then the units are gently and individually extracted from within the scored circle. The follicular units are then immediately and carefully transplanted into the thinning and balding area. The NeoGrafting hair transplant process offers a procedure with no linear scar, no stitches, no bandages, and faster healing time. Plus, if multiple sessions are needed, they can be done within weeks of each other. (The time between traditional linear sessions is usually 6 months.) The result in NeoGrafting is a faster healing time and less disruption to your busy schedule

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