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Things to Consider When Looking for a Hair Transplant Surgeon

Hair transplantation or hair restoration surgery is a life-changing procedure.  Patients undergoing hair loss problems opt for this method to achieve a permanent solution. The desired end-result is to achieve a head full of hair and a renewed look of youthfulness and boost of confidence. Pre-surgery factors, thus,  should be taken into utmost consideration to ensure the sucess of the surgery proper. Choosing the right clinic and the right hair transplant physician is one major vital factor on the list.

Here are some important considerations when choosing the right surgeon:

  1. He/she should be experienced and well-equipped with skills relevant to hair transplant and hair restoration. As a patient, you can do your own research as well as ask for recommendations from those who have undergone hair procedures. Some important things to take note:
  2. Hair restoration should be his/her primary focus of practice. This ensures that he/she will be able to dedicate time and individual care to provide optimal results.
  3. He/should be able to provide information on previous surgeries done, before and after photos, including information on the techniques he/she can perform and frequency of surgeries being performed.
  4. Your chosen surgeon should be able to guide you all-throughout the hair transplant process. This starts from the initial consultation where he/she evaluates your condition, answers all your inquiries and gives recommendation on the best techniques for yoir hair loss problem. He/she should be able to listen to your concerns and provide information in a way that is easily understandable.
  5. He/she should guide preparations before surgery and is able to provide post-surgery recovery advise and guidance.

To sum it up, when planning to undergo a hair transplant surgery, further research and understanding on the background of your preferred clinic and hair physician should be taken seriously as this will somehow dictate how the whole process will go.

At NuHart Philippines, the medical team consists of highly experienced physicians who have chosen to specialize in hair restoration, headed by none other than Dr. Romeo V. Bato – one of Asia’s leading experts in hair restoration technology.

Book a free consutation now and let us guide you on your journey to better hair.

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