What Do These 6 Hair Lengths Tell About You?

Do you wonder what your hair length tells about your personality?

The fact is you and others can decode personality traits based on your hair. For the ladies, long and blonde hairstyle is considered the sexiest of the bunch. For the gents, preppy and youthful qualities are commonly attributed to the classic barber’s cut. While these are common perceptions, there’s a need to look into other hair lengths and hairstyles. In the Philippines, there’s a couple of hair lengths and styles that can reveal your personality.

Curious to know more about yourself? Here are 6 hairstyles that can tell surprising personality facts about you.

1. Mid-length in a Pony: No-nonsense, Powerful, Chic

Mid-length in a Pony
Photo courtesy of RK Group

Because of the weather, many Filipinas rely on having mid-length hair that they often tie in a pony. The ponytail can be consider the “denim” of hairstyles because it’s easy and practical. Career-oriented girls are often seen sporting this look. As such, its hairstyle personality is often associated with no-nonsense and powerful ladies who want to get the work done.

When styled properly, the mid-length in a pony can look super chic. It also exudes the aura that the wearer is in control and knows what she wants. Be careful with styling, however. Some mid-length pony style variations may send the wrong signal in professional settings. Keep it simple and polished to match your strong and chic personality.

2. The Man Fringe: Artistic, Visionary, Off-Beat

The Man Fringe
Photo courtesy of Serkan Göktay via Pexels

The recent “hipster” trend has given rise to the man fringe. It’s a hair length and style that has a appealed to a number of Filipino guys because it’s easy to maintain. It’s also considered stylish because it’s part of a global craze that alludes to an artistic aesthetic. For those who can’t be bothered to sport the “man bun,” the man fringe is a good alternative.

The hair length personality of guys with the man fringe signify an off-beat and visionary spirit. It favorably works with straight-haired guys, but it can be easily managed even if you have wavy hair. However, if you have thin hair, you can still opt to have this style. One way would be having a layered version of this style or getting your hair thickness restored.

3. Long and Wavy: Generous, Energetic, Dynamic

 Long and Wavy
Photo courtesy of WOCinTech Chat via Flickr, Creative Commons

The importance of keeping good hair to women has already been established throughout history. In the past, there was a really strong trend to keep long hair straight. However, recent trends show that more people prefer styling their long locks. Today, long-haired women tend to be viewed as dynamic and passionate. This significantly has to do with the fact that having long hair offers plenty of styling possibilities.

Ladies with long and wavy hair are often seen as generous and good communicators. It’s a personality type based on this hair length because the movement of long hair can mesmerize and put you at ease. Long hair relatively needs more maintenance. You can have regular salon treatments to keep your hair in place. However, natural at-home treatments like using coconut oil as conditioner can be as effective to help you sustain healthy long locks.

4. Short and Sideswept: Traditional, Disciplined, Dapper

Short and Sideswept
Photo courtesy of Ikowh Babayev via Pixabay

Traditional yet dapper is one of men with clean-cut hair. This hair length has been a classic since the 1940s. Modern guys update the look by having gradually faded sides. It creates a nice contrast with the fuller top, combining fullness with a trimmed cut. The popularity of this look has even prompted hair loss sufferers to consult hair restoration experts in the Philippines to get hair thickness back. The available treatments in the local scene are considered effective and scientifically advanced, offering gents a good chance to wear this look properly.

Because of the sleek styling, men who sport the short and side-swept style can be viewed as cool yet disciplined. To maintain this appearance, it’s imperative to use hair products such as a mousse, semi-matte wax or gel.

5. Chopped and Colored: Bold, Loving, Noble

 Chopped and Colored
Photo courtesy of New Beauty Short Hairstyles

You often see wonderful ladies with chopped hair and vibrant color like purple on Instagram. It’s a recent trend that celebrates individuality, in response to many hair stereotypes. Ladies who cut their hair shorter than usual and paint it with unusual colors are considered bold and adventurous. They “defy gravity,” as the popular song from Wicked goes. They’re not afraid to look different and be beautiful doing it.

Purple is a great choice because it’s a creative hue that is also the color of royalty. Because purple is a mixture of blue and red, ladies who use this color can also be viewed as mysterious and having a deeper understanding of purpose and self-worth.

6. Rugged with a Beard: Mature, Cool, Family-Oriented

Rugged with a Beard:
Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

Many ladies are attracted to men with a rugged look and long beard. Facial hair is considered important among men because it has served throughout history as a cultural symbol for masculinity. It’s one of the most popular facial hairstyles among men because it’s often seen as sexy and romantic. It attracts the ladies because bearded men can appear dependable and family-oriented.

However, it’s important to ensure your hair and beard are in great shape. Unkempt, this style can easily look dirty and reckless. Apart from getting regular maintenance from a professional, it’s also important to maintain the fullness of the facial hair. Patchy hair can compromise the effect, so guys with thinning facial hair should consider getting professional advice. For styling, you can also experiment with different facial hair lengths to suit your aesthetic preference.

Do you recognize yourself in these hair lengths and related qualities? Knowing what your hair length says about you should be seen as enabling rather than limiting. Bear in mind that your hair length and style may have personality traits attached to them, but these are in no way final. Like having a haircut and styling your hair, the important thing is to enhance your personality and bring out the best trait in you.

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