Global Body Hair Transplant Trends You Need To Know About

What do Chris Evans, Henry Cavill, Hugh Jackman, Mark Ruffalo, and Paul Rudd have in common? Yes, they all played superheroes in movies. They all saved the Earth from dark forces and annihilation. And guess what? They may all be able to save you from hypothermia with their furry, rugged chests.

Body hair is a tricky subject. It could either look totally sexy or cause a social uproar. Remember when Julia Roberts attended a movie premiere with armpit bush? From pretty woman to Madonna to Miley Cyrus, these prominent, powerful women have sported unshaved armpits. Most say it is for women empowerment but as to how that objective is reached is unclear.

People are obsessed with body hair although it is not a subject spoken publicly. You don’t ask a random woman if she shaves down there, do you? And unlike hair on the scalp, body hair seems to be judged at a case-to-case basis. We all want healthy, bouncy hair on our heads but we all have a different opinion on chest hair and hairy arms.

But the evolving notion of body hair has made body hair transplant procedures widely accepted. Chest hair implants are gaining popularity in macho societies while pubic hair transplants are a thing in Korea. Here’s a look at the booming industry.

What makes a man

what makes a man
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In the 1930s, a hairy-chested Ernest Hemingway famously insulted American book critic and writer Max Eastman for not having hair on his chest. Hemingway was asserting his machismo. In history, body hair in men such as in the chest and the face were seen as signs of virility and masculinity.

And while more men are shaving now, male re-forestation (so to speak) is still very much a thing of the present. Sociologist Anna Akbari said that the emergence of body hair in men is an attempt to reclaim masculinity in a society that promotes meticulous grooming in men, or what beauty trends call “manscaping.” She adds that maintaining chest hair is some sort of a reaction to a crisis in masculinity.

Chest hair obsession

chest hair obssession
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Not having enough hair on the chest or abdomen makes some men feel a little feminine. Thus, body hair transplants around the world have become a growing industry. Generally, hair transplants have become the solution to hair loss and balding in both men and women. Hair loss may be caused by genetics, hormonal imbalances, age, medication, just to name a few.

A body hair transplant procedure typically involves the placement of 200 to as many as 3,400 hair grafts, depending on the area to be covered. The coverage depends on the patient. Some want just thin coverage while others want thick implants for the central abdomen.

While varying levels of discomfort may be expected, the procedure is essentially painless. Tiny crusts will form around the transplanted hair for the first few days. The hair will fall out after two weeks and regrow in three months to give you that thick patch of hair you desire.

More armpit hair, please

more armpit hair, please
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Hair loss is a terrible thing to happen to men, especially if we are talking about a body part other than the scalp. Among the emerging trends in body hair transplant is armpit hair restoration. Yes, some men are willing to spend largely to transform their smooth pits. Body hair transplant results in this area are not only successful, but life-changing for patients who become more comfortable around women and can comfortably raise their arms while playing basketball.

During the procedure, hairs from donor areas such as under the arms and back of the neck or nape are transplanted to the axilla or the armpit. Surgeons say that the trend is definitely on the rise as more men are convinced that armpit hair is a male sex trait.

Stand taller with more leg hair

more leg hair
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Another area that is starting to be a part of global trends in body hair transplant are the legs. Men, especially athletic ones, develop bald patches on the leg after an injury that requires treatment and surgery. A bald patch on the shin does not look too good, right?

In general, men are also expected to have hairy legs and arms. If they have smoother legs than their wives or girlfriends, it’s perceived to be kind of strange. Shaved legs look unnatural for men and that is why it is completely understandable if men can’t take having bald patches in random areas of the leg.

Bush down there

bush down there
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Believe it or not, this is actually happening. Apparently, Hollywood obsession is not universal, and while bikini and Brazilian waxing are successful industries, a soaring number of women (yes, women) are opting for body hair transplant procedures on their pubic area.

This body hair transplantation trend is led by Asian women, mostly Koreans. Most of these women suffer from a condition called pubic atrichosis or lack of pubic hair. This is said to be common in Korean women of Mongolian origin. Ten percent of women in Korea suffer from this condition. Pubic hair is regarded as a sign of sexual health and fertility and not growing any of it can cause psychological stress in women patients.

Statistics show that between 2010 and 2012, there has been a 78% increase in pubic hair transplants in Asia. The procedure lasts for around two to four hours and involves harvesting hair from the head and transplanting it to the pubic area, mostly in the pubic triangle.

Generally, for candidates with enough donor hair and whose bodies are suitable for transplant, the body hair transplant success rate is high. Technology has advanced a great deal and there are always new grafting and transplanting techniques being developed to ensure success.

All of us deserve to feel good about our bodies. If it is hair or a lack of it that is making you less confident and self-assured, then do something about it. Consult with the best hair transplant doctors in Philippines and find out how you can regain not just your body hair, but your confidence.

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