Are you ready for the Hair Transplant?

Just like in any other surgery, each patient must determine and make sure that s/he is allowed to undergo a hair transplant. An interested client must visit a physician or a trichologist. Your medical history, blood tests will be gathered; they will have a closer look at your hair fall pattern and they will determine whether hair transplant is the right procedure for your baldness or not.

  1. Strong immune system
    One must have a strong immune system to undergo hair restoration surgery because weak immune system ultimately affect the outcome. You must seek medical assistance for treating the immune system disorder first if your hair loss is a result of attack of your immune system on the hair follicles. Other underlying medical conditions like diabetes or cancer must also be treated first before going for hair transplant. Your surgeon will determine a plan to suit your individual needs.
  2. Consider your age
    Your age will affect the final result of the surgery. Normally doctors and hair transplant surgeons recommend to go for a hair transplant at an age of 30 but they will accept anyone over the age of 18 depending upon assessment of the aggressiveness of the hair loss.
  3. Healthy lifestyle
    Healthy lifestyle is important in all kinds of surgery. Eating well and exercising regularly is greatly beneficial to the outcome of the hair transplant. A healthy lifestyle promotes a healthy immune system. A healthy immune system will help you heal faster and will provide you quick results.
  4. Commitment to aftercare plan
    How obedient are you? After surgery, the surgeon will instruct a post-op care plan or instruction manual. You must be willing to follow the plan religiously, because it will lead to a speedy recovery. Visiting your surgeon regularly for at least a month will help you avoid any unwanted problems.

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