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Hair Loss Causes that you can Control

If you’re a normal person with no medical condition whatsoever, you lose an average of 100 hairs a day. Hair loss is such a natural phenomenon for a normal person that we often see a few strands on the floor as we take a shower.

Bt it’s a different story when you see thick strands of hair coming off or when your hair line starts to recede. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the things that you are doing that may later contribute to premature or abnormal hair loss.

We won’t be talking about the hereditary, medical, or hormonal causes or those that result from some medical conditions that usually entail the loss of hair.

Instead, we’ll discuss some practices which we normally do that damage the hair unknowingly. These practices may later result to a much earlier thinning of hair and recession of hair line. Here are some of them.


An unhealthy diet

If you’re a fast food kind of person whose daily meals do not include vegetables and fruits, you might be prone to hair loss. Deficiency in iron and protein results to a low level of nutrients to nourish your hair.


Hair damaging products

Products such as bleach and hair color contain chemicals that also weaken the natural bonds of your hair. If you regularly apply these products on your hair, you are running the risk of damaging your crowning glory. Regular ironing also exposes your hair to the damaging heat that makes it weaker. Even shampooing your hair everyday can result to abnormal hair loss, so you can try to wash your hair just every other day.


Exposure to elements

We all love the beach and the sun especially when we travel on vacation. But take note that exposure to wind and sun can cause hair breakage, damage and eventually premature abnormal hair loss. So always wear a hat under the scorching sun whether on vacation or walking along the streets on a normal day.



The extremely stressful events in one’s life also contribute to hair loss. While we live in stressful times and it seems impossible to avoid stress in our everyday lives, try to relax and loosen up. Find time to enjoy and get some air when under pressure because when your stress level goes up, your risk of hair loss also goes up with it.


Solution time

Our advice is to be conscious of these practices that contribute to abnormal and premature hair loss and avoid them. You should, therefore, maintain a healthy diet that includes a good amount of iron and protein and lessen ironing, daily shampooing (if possible according to the nature of your hair), and overexposure to sun and wind.

We know you want to look good by manipulating the look of your hair but you can at least lessen your salon visits to color or bleach your hair. If you want to prevent premature hair loss and hair line recession, take our advice.

But if you’re experiencing these things right now and you want to get your look back, there’s always a permanent solution to hair loss that you can resort to. It is never too late to solve your hair loss problems.

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