Five Reasons Why Hair Transplantation Is Worth It

Most men in the Philippines completely accept the fact that they will experience hair loss when the time comes. And they don’t want to do anything about it.

Some think that there is no permanent solution to hair loss and that everyone should just accept the course of nature. Some Filipinos even anticipate hair loss too early that they resort to shaving their hair for baldness early on even when their hair line has not yet receded severely.

In this post, were going to explain five reasons why you should start to consider the hair transplant option. You don’t need to say goodbye to your younger looks if you just say yes to this permanent solution.

There are hair transplant experts in the country

When you plan to go through a life-changing process of hair transplantation, your first consideration should be the competence of the surgeon who will perform the procedure. Luckily, in the Philippines, there’s a few dedicated hair transplant experts with many years of experience in the field. One of which is NuHart Philippines that offers permanent solution to hair loss. They have been doing hair transplant procedures for over 25 years so there is really no question about their expertise.

It is not complicated

Not because hair transplant is life-changing, it means that is it also complicated. In fact, the whole procedure can last for only 5-6 hours depending on the severity of the hair loss, and the process is very simple! Some men think that hair transplantation is a complicated procedure that should be removed from their options altogether. They easily dismiss the idea and instead go for temporary solutions (in some worst cases, ineffective) like hair growth ointment, oils, and topical products. Little did they know, a hair transplant procedure can be as simple as harvesting hair from an area of the head where hair still grows and transplanting them to the area that needs more hair.

The procedure does not take a lot of time

Since the process is simple, it also does not take a lot of time. As mentioned above, a hair transplant procedure can be as quick as 5 hours if you take a trip to the hair transplant clinic before your hair loss reaches its critical stage. If, in case your hair loss has reached its critical stage before you decide to undergo a hair transplant procedure, that’s totally fine! Rest assured the whole process will not take the whole day.

The only exception is if you want the surgeon to perform the procedure gradually over several days.

It is not painful

Although a hair transplant procedure involves incisions and needles, men describe the feeling as discomfort rather than pain. Those who have undergone hair transplantation says that they did not feel the pain of cuts like what you might assume, but rather just an itchy feeling when the hair is being transplanted to the donee area of the head. So if you’re the type of person with low pain tolerance, don’t fear. The hair transplantation procedure is tolerable and not painful.

It is a lifetime solution

The best thing about the hair transplant solution is that it is permanent, which means you only need to do it once! Then you can expect the result to last you a lifetime. This is the reason why the cost of a surgery is relatively higher than other hair loss solutions. When you undergo a hair transplant procedure, you don’t have to buy costly products over and over again. And you won’t have to fear the loss of its effects when you stop spending, which is the case for ordinary hair growth products. You can also explore some hair transplant procedures to have manly hair.

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