What Women Love: 10 Hair Trends in 2016 for Men over 30

According to several style insights based on social media patterns, fashion shows and celebrity looks, the haircut trends for men in 2016 evoke modern masculinity that is edgy, easy-to-maintain, and attractive to women. More men in their 30s up are style conscious, yet they want it uncomplicated for the most part. Ambitious men over 30 are busy enough with their careers and personal life, and hairstyle is merely a means to achieve their goals. You want to look great while succeeding in your life goals for the year 2016? Try one of the 10 trendy hairstyles for men in their 30s and older.

1. Edgy, Low-Maintenance Cut

Low-Maintenance Cut
Photo courtesy of Latin Post Staff via LatinPost

More men are conscious about trends and their looks, but many still don’t like spending much time fixing their hair. The edgy, low-maintenance cut is a great option for men over 30 because it’s stylish yet easy to pull off. It requires a minimal amount of styling product to tame unruliness. It can even be a kind of “wash-and-go” hairstyle. Invest in a good hairstylist and you’ll find yourself looking good with minimal effort.

2. Cropped Buzz Cut

Cropped Buzz Cut
Photo courtesy topmenhairstyles.com of via Pinterest

A staple in many barbershops and salons, the cropped buzz is having a revival among men over 30. Not only can this cut be adapted to different head shapes, it’s also great for people struggling with thinning hair. The style can also be a good transition look for guys considering a FUE or FUT hair transplant. From the medical expertise of NuHart Hair Clinic Philippines, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are two modern hair restoration procedures that can effectively remedy hair loss. They could mesh well with the cropped buzz cut as the scalp is more visible for the operation and the short length can allow possibilities for growth and styling.

3. Savvy Wet Look

Savvy Wet Look
Photo courtesy of Tumblr via Pinterest

A number of haircut trends for the year 2016 exemplify a nod to a reinvented past. The savvy wet look is no exception. Taking its root in the party days of the ‘90s, the look is given a wearable appeal by some A-list celebrities. Don’t feel intimidated by the slick; the amount of which you can adjust based on whether you hair is fine, curly, or thick.

4. High And Tight Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk
Photo courtesy of JustLifeStyle™© via Pinterest

The style gives the illusion of more hair, making it one of the best men’s haircuts for thinning hair. It’s perfect for those who want to blend the thicker parts of their hair with the thinning areas. The look can also be a component of corrective measures for hair transplant problems because the styling of the crown creates the appearance of fullness. The short height and the trimmed sides and back allows the wearer to have styling flexibility. Use a blow dryer to amp up hair volume or use hair pomade to sculpt the look.

5. The Easy Long Mane

Easy Long Mane
Photo courtesy of yeuphaidep.com

With the public attention directed towards hip and attractive leaders like Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the long hair is making a comeback as one of latest and hottest hairstyles for men. Just remember to keep your hair in order by using the appropriate product. A light gel or mousse can go a long way to control frizz.

6. Athletic Sturdy Spikes

Athletic Sturdy Spikes
Photo courtesy of adifansnet via Flickr, Creative Commons

This flattering men’s haircut is great for those sporting an active lifestyle. The clean sides and back complement the rugged spikes of the top. Accentuating the spikes with soft highlights can make the style even more striking without being too loud.

7. The Hipster Fringe

Hipster Fringe

Messy fringes are back in style, following the global hipster craze. If you find the “man bun” difficult to pull off, a great alternative is the Hipster Fringe. Make it more groomed by asking your hairstylist to layer the sides. Also, applying a volumizing mousse on the fringe and blasting the hair with a dryer can keep hair movement playful yet controlled.

8. Polished Ivy League Cut

Polished Ivy League Cut
Photo courtesy of Elen Nivrae via Wikimedia Commons

Looking smart and cool with little to no effort can be easily achieved with the Polished Ivy League Cut. We’ve seen a similar look with the Harvard Clip, which sports a brushed side. But what makes this look trendier and more stylish for the gents is because it’s more approachable and less aggressive-looking. As such, the style is hands down one of the men’s haircuts that women. It can be styled, as shown here, with only a quick brush up, for a more casual yet polished appeal.

9. Swept Up Textured Quiff

Swept Up Textured Quiff
Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Flickr, Creative Commons

The iconic quiff is getting a makeover with a shinier and more textured hold. Sea salt and root support sprays are the key to this look, so that hair won’t end up looking limp. Adding a small amount of hair gel as a finishing touch will create a “beach” look that can be appropriate even for the office and formal gatherings. The look is a stylish option for guys in their 30s who are as ambitious as they are laid-back.

10. The Natural Crop

Natural Crop
Photo courtesy of Emily Hille via Pinterest

The untouched appearance of the Natural Crop is ideal for guys over 30 who are too busy building, maintaining or growing their professional careers. In most cases, you don’t need any hair styling tool or product, just a trustworthy barber who understands your preference for raw handsomeness. The unvarnished effect evokes youthful energy, making it flattering even for guys in the much older age bracket.

With these haircuts for men in their 30s, you’re sure to find something that suits your personality to match your professional and personal goals. Remember that while it’s important to stay abreast with the latest style trends, what ultimately sets you apart from others is the unique personality you inject into whatever style you choose. Make any of these trendy cuts work for you.

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