8 Health-improving Investment You Can Give to Your Hair

Are you like many people who want to know how to maintain healthy hair without spending too much time and money? Your wish to look your best in the most time-saving and affordable ways is achievable. Having and maintaining stunning hair don’t have to take too much of your time. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be expensive!

Here are 8 quality tips that would surely rejuvenate your crown and give you lasting perfect hair.

1. Moderate the Use of Heated Tools

Use of Heated Tools
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Although tools like flat iron and blowdryer can create beautiful styles, excessive use can lead to the opposite: dry, damaged, and thinning hair. Moderating the use of these hair tools provides your hair a much-needed rest.

If you must dry your hair on a regular basis, opt for the cold setting of the hair dryer. It may take a little more time to dry your hair but you will drastically minimize the possibility of hair loss and damage. Remember that when blow drying, run your fingers first on wet hair until it’s slightly damp for comb styling.

2. Apply Coconut Oil to Promote Hair Growth
One of the best ways to have healthy hair is to use coconut oil as a hair and scalp treatment. The benefits of coconut oil on hair, scalp, and body are countless, but let’s zoom in on how it can reduce hair breakage and even promote hair growth. The affordability of coconut oil is also great news to anyone seeking to have great hair for less! To ensure quality, buy the organic and unrefined version. Coconut oil is widely available in groceries, making this inexpensive yet effective solution for hair thinning a viable natural alternative.

3. Get a Haircut from a Pro
Habits of women with great hair include regularly getting a haircut from a skilled stylist. This ensures that the hairstyle is up-to-date yet adapted to each individual’s unique facial features.

Since 30 million women suffer from hair loss in the US alone, a popular trick of investing in a good haircut to make hair appear thicker has been the trend. Styles like the asymmetrical bob and the layered cut are some of the popular hairstyles that can make hair look full and dense. The importance of a getting haircut from a pro is also important for how guys can have good hair. It is one of the best ways to hide hair thinning. Fantastic style options for men include the buzz cut and the undercut, which can effectively draw attention away from receding hairlines.

4. Wash Your Hair Every Other Day

Washing Your Hair
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Shampooing every other day is one of the best hair tips for for men and women. The logic is simple: frequent shampooing removes the natural oils necessary to protect and moisturize hair. Shampooing less often can also minimize touching and tugging of the hair, which can easily break when wet. If you color as a way to have great vibrant hair, shampooing every other day can keep the life of the color longer.

5. Prevent Hair Loss by Taking B-Complex Vitamins
Although not an end-all and be-all remedy for hair loss, making sure that you take enough vitamins can help restore shine and vitality to your hair. Consider taking more of B-complex vitamins whether from food sources like eggs and nuts or in tablet form. Biotin or Vitamin H aids the body in metabolizing proteins and fats, a process which is required for healthy hair, skin, and eyes. Remember that having healthy hair should be taken holistically, so ensure you’re getting sufficient vitamins to sustain your body’s ability to look good on the outside.

6. Make Your Own Organic Hair Mask

Organic Hair Mask
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Of the many health benefits of avocados, one that has become popular is its ability to avoid hair loss. The fruit’s high vitamin B and E content can protect and strengthen the hair. Also, its high content of healthy fats can improve the physical condition of the hair by providing rich moisture. This effectively combats dry hair and helps repair damaged ends.

For a super quick and easy hair mask recipe, mix one chopped avocado and one egg yolk. Make it into a paste by adding water. Apply the mixture on damp hair and leave on for 20 minutes. Using this mask at least once a week or as needed is one of the most natural ways to maintain healthy hair.

7. Eat More Greens and Vegetables
Eating vitamin-rich foods is often overlooked as an investment on how to maintain healthy hair naturally. We are tempted to believe that eating at fast-food restaurants is more convenient and is not actually that bad for our health. However, the insufficient nutrition you get from fast food is one of the surest ways to have the opposite of good hair. Increase the amount of nutrients you put into your body by eating more fruits and plant-based food. Not only will this help protect you from diseases but it can also make your hair shinier and fuller.

8. Choose Long-Lasting Treatments Over Temporary Ones
The advances in science have made natural-looking solution for hair widely available for both men and women. Fast and effective treatment options for those who want to hide their thinning hair include hair transplantation and laser hair therapy. These popular and increasingly affordable hair loss treatments have come such a long way. Now anyone has a chance to overturn even genetics, which is the major cause of hair loss.

Hair transplantation, for instance, works by making hair look naturally full through the insertion of hair into a balding area. While some people may be unable to do this due to certain medical reasons, clinics like NuHart Hair Transplant Manila offers other privately-done treatments that are perfect for you at discounted rates. An example is laser hair therapy where the scalp is stimulated to increase blood flow and promote hair growth.

With these health-improving tips on how to have and maintain healthy hair, you’re less likely to have another bad hair day again. It’s true that maintaining good hair can be a challenging and frustrating feat. Remember, however, that it is never impossible. These hair-improving investments and tips can be just what you need to have the great hair that you desire.

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