11 Effective Ways to Ensure Hair Health This Rainy Season

The rainy season may bring us relief from the sweltering weather, but you know what else it brings? More risk of hair and skin infection. With increased humidity and with difficulty keeping them dry, the scalp and hair attract more dirt and pollutants. If you dismiss hair care this time of the year, serious problems are sure to arise, such as further damage and hair fall in the rainy season.

There are various causes that trigger hair problems: frizz, dryness, infection, and hair loss. What makes the rainy season tricky is humid air, which causes harsh reactions between water molecules and hair proteins. Thankfully, there are smart ways to defy hair damage during the monsoon. Here are 11 of the top hair tips and tricks that both men and women can do to keep their hair looking great and healthy during the rainy season

1. Wear a Hat for Protection

Wear a Hat for Protection
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Wearing a hat is one of the best tips for hair on slightly rainy days. When it’s just drizzling outside and you think of bringing an umbrella would be such a hassle, hats allow you to weather the rain in style and can be your staple rainy-day work outfit. Wearing a brimmed hat can be all that you need to shield your scalp from humidity and infection. After all, hats are made of different fabrics so you can choose readily. Whether made of rubber or suede, hats are perfect during the raining season. Pair your hat with a stylish umbrella during a heavy downpour, if you must.

2. Apply a Hair Mask to Restore Your Locks

Hair care against the humid weather is very important. Applying a hair mask can reduce hair loss in men and women. Effective hair masks provide nourishment and strengthen the strands. They can also lessen infection and scalp itching. While buying a ready-made hair mask is fine, making your own version is an economical and effective option. Combining natural and medicinal ingredients like aloe vera and avocado can disinfect your scalp and add luster to your hair.

3. Dry Your Hair Gently with Your Clothes

Dry Your Hair Gently
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Properly drying your hair with something other than your shower towel is a must to prevent monsoon hair problems. Hair is susceptible to breakage when wet. Vigorously drying your with a towel will only make it more prone to damage as cited by Huffington Post on what causes hair damage. But by using one of your soft, clean shirts to gently pat your hair dry without the damage from the friction between your hair and the towel.

4. Use Conditioner Moderately

Conditioner is more for the hair ends than for the scalp. The scalp naturally secretes oil, and applying conditioner to your scalp can make it oily. Apply conditioner only to your hair ends to keep them moisturized. Conditioning your hair ends provides added protection from humidity during the rainy season. Moderately conditioning your hair will also help prevent hair fall during the humid weather.

5. Take a Break from Chemical Products and Styling

Break from Chemical Products
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If you like to sport different hairdos and style your hair frequently, then you’re only adding to your monsoon hair problems. Give your hair a break from all the styling and chemical products. Using rollers on a regular basis can weaken your hair because of the constantly pulling. The same goes for using a flat iron and blowdryer. Avoid these for now to strengthen your hair against the damage caused by the rain.

6. Only Comb Your Hair After It Dries

Combing your hair when it’s wet can cause hair loss in men and women. You’re mistaken if you think that combing your hair after a wash will detangle the ends. This will likely lead to more breaking and damage, weakening your strands over time. To avoid damage and hair fall, comb your hair only after it has dried.

7. Clean Your Hair Thoroughly

Clean Your Hair Thoroughly
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After getting drenched in the rain, remember to always clean your hair when you get home. The rain has dirt and toxic chemicals that can infect your scalp and compromise hair health. Use a mild shampoo when washing your hair. For natural hair care during the rainy season, you can also try a lemon juice and baking soda solution to remove any chemical or dirt on the scalp. Mix a tablespoon each of lemon juice and baking soda with your mild shampoo to thoroughly cleanse and disinfect your hair.

8. Avoid Breakage by Oiling Your Hair

Oiling Your Hair
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Using nutritious oil for the hair during the raining season is a favorite of many beauty experts. Apart from healing split ends, hair oils can seal in moisture and protect your hair from damage and hair fall. Some of the best oils for the hair include almond oil and coconut oil. Massage them on your scalp for 5 minutes then wash with a mild shampoo.

9. Protect Your Hair with the Right Product

If you absolutely must style your hair because of a special event, make sure to use a heat protecting spray. There are great options that use natural and hair-friendly ingredients. Hair protectants are fantastic to prevent damage caused by hair tools like flat irons and blowdryers. Remember, however, to avoid styling your hair with heated tools regularly.

10. Embrace Your Natural Hairstyle

For the most part during the monsoon season, wear your natural hair style. This can help control hair fall because you’re reducing the stress caused by constant styling. Let your natural beauty shine through. You hair will thank you for it.

11. Eat a Holistic Diet

 Eat a Holistic Diet
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Eating a holistic diet is one of the most effective ways on how to avoid hair fall during the rainy season. Hair is made up of keratin, which is composed of protein. Eating more protein-rich foods can boost hair health. Strips of chicken breast mixed with fresh greens is a great combo. Eat lots of leafy vegetables because these are rich in protein and fiber. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Eating nutritious food will take care of your hair from the inside, so it can better guard itself from external elements.

With these top hair tips for the rainy season, you can better protect your hair and scalp from serious damage. Warding off humidity can be tough with the constant rainfall. But if you forget about proper hair care during the rainy season, you might well end up fighting a much more difficult battle like infection and hair loss.

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