Hair Growth Trends All Around the World

New year, new look! Most Filipinos love the idea of changing their looks when the new year comes. Some would change their hairstyle like women cutting their hair short, which we’ve seen as a trend in the last couple of months. Some would change their hair colour into noticeable shades of pink, green and blue! Truth is, changing something with your hair contribute a lot to changing your look. But how about those with hair loss or balding hair problems? Will they always be out of style? We say a big no to that!

In this article, we’re going to give hope to those who think they can’t level up on looks anymore because their crowning glory is a losing battle. Here are the top hair loss solution trends here in the Philippines and all over the world. You can refer to them for hair growth solution and a total confidence boost this 2020!

Medications for hair growth

Hair loss can be caused by different factors including a medical condition, an effect of medications, male pattern baldness which is hereditary, hormonal changes, enormous stress and the list goes on.

Good thing your hair doctor can recommend some medications that may be non-prescription or prescription drugs. This can be your first resort if you’re seeing early signs of thinning hair. An over-the-counter drug that can be recommended to you is minoxidil, which can be used by both men and women. You simply need to apply this liquid solution once a day on the part of the scalp where the hair is thinning. You don’t need to rinse the scalp after applying it. Leave it on the scalp and once completely dry, you can style your hair as usual. Just remember to rinse your hand thoroughly after use.

Minoxidil is one of those group of medicines called vasodilators that relax the blood vessels to allow more fluids to flow freely throughout the body. Minoxidil should be used with caution and only as instructed on the label. It’s not a solution for baldness but only a hair thickening or hair growth enhancing product for thinning hair. We don’t advise to use it on a receding hairline since it may cause an unwanted appearance of hair growth on the forefront of the scalp.

Another medication is called finasteride (propecia) which should be prescribed by a physician. Since this is a prescription drug, you can’t randomly take the pill to address hair loss. Some negative effects of this drug is an increased risk of prostate cancer and harmful effects on pregnant women. Unlike minoxidil, finasteride is not a product that you can apply on the scalp. It’s an oral medication that has the effects of slowing down hair loss. To some men under 60 years old, finasteride can even stimulate hair growth.

Take note that you have to consistently apply or take these products in order to see the results that you’re looking for. Prescriptions drugs should be used as advised by the physician and always based on the instructions. For non-prescription hair loss solutions, be cautious of the effects on your skin and consult with a specialist should there be severe rashes or itching.

Herbal restoration

Compared to prescription and non-prescription drugs for hair growth, there is a safer option that can be less complicated. These are herbal hair loss solutions and vitamins that can promote healthy hair growth. Some of these products are recommended by trusted hair restoration surgeons in the Philippines because they are effective not only in growing hair but in speeding up the healing process for men and women who underwent a hair transplantation surgery.

Hair Transplantation

Hair implant in the Philippines and anywhere in the world is that surgical procedure wherein the healthy hair follicles from a part of the body is harvested the transferred to the part where of the scalp where there is thinning hair or complete hair loss. What makes it the most ideal solution for hair loss is that the implanted hair called follicular units can be made healthy through a genetical program so that it will grow continuously for the lifetime of the patient.

As the only permanent hair solution available in the country, the average cost for hair transplantation in the Philippines is relatively higher than hair loss products and hair growth treatments. But this procedure promises immediate and accurate results with almost 100% satisfaction rate. Go to a certified and licensed surgeon with decades of experience in hair transplantation to ensure quality results.

Laser Hair Therapy

A milder, non-surgical procedure called laser hair therapy is another option if you want to regrow your. This process is not as 100% promising as a hair transplant treatment, but it is definitely cheaper. What happens in this procedure is that the cold, low-level lasers improve cell metabolism to stimulate hair growth. It blocks the effects of Dihydrotestoterone (DHT), a hormone that’s responsible for hair loss when men develops male pattern baldness. A 2014 study proves that laser hair therapy is an effective hair growth solution. This procedure also works to make hair look thicker and healthier.


Lastly, there’s a newest hair growth procedure for women that is gaining ground in the United States because of its advanced technological techniques. It’s an hour-long treatment called the platelet rich plasma or P.R.P. The PRP procedure is done to stimulate inactive hair follicles that do not grow any hair. These dormant follicles result to thinning of hair or patches in some areas of the scalp. Through the PRP procedure, more nutrients are injected to the scalp so that hair growth can be manipulated. The medical professional performing the treatment injects a mixture of nutrients and blood drawn from the scalp back on top of the head and in calculated intervals. The procedure is done with local anaesthetic to make it almost painless.

This procedure has not reached the Philippines yet, but is expected to spread like a fire in the hair loss niche all over the world. But for now, the best hair loss treatment in the Philippines is hair transplantation.

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