How Having Healthy Hair is Valuable to Filipinos

There’s something about bouncy, shiny, and healthy hair that makes us all stare in awe a bit longer or a little envious. The obsession is not just about vanity anymore, but the need to feel more confident, assertive, and even accepted. People need to feel good about themselves and a bad hair day would temporarily make them feel horrible.

For the last two quarters of 2013, Google reveals that hair care in the Philippines is serious business. Adobo Magazine cites this study on the rising interest of the Filipinos on the topic of hair, showing that in the whole of Southeast Asia, Filipinos are second when it comes to hair-related searches. Filipinos were specifically interested in trying new haircuts and hair care in general such as getting treatments for dry hair and fly-away hair.

Healthy Hair
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The importance of hair to Filipinos was also highlighted in a TNS study that said 34% of Filipino women used search engines to research about the last hair product they bought, and consult an average of five influencers and sources before making a hair care purchase.

The beauty industry in 2016 will continue its strong growth according to studies. Thanks to men and women who desire to look their best. The industry of hair restoration is also gaining popularity as more people decide to not let baldness or hair loss get in the way of living confidently and self-assured. Hair restoration clinics in the Philippines have mushroomed in the recent years precisely because of how Filipinos take care of their hair, as if their locks are an extension of their personality. Well, maybe they are.

Healthy hair? The Filipinos definitely do care. Here are the reasons why.

An Ode to Self-image

It all goes back to history. As early as the Greek and Roman times, elaborate hairstyles and wigs were seen as a status of wealth. If you had gorgeous hair, you are probably royalty. Remember Samson or Cleopatra. How about those thick, curly wigs worn by political figures during the American colonial times? Healthy hair has always been associated with power, strength, and wisdom. Today, the role of hair to people’s self-image is still very evident, whether in the workplace or in the streets. People with healthy tresses just get more praise in general.

Style Reflects Personality

Style Reflects Personality
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One of the reasons why hair is important to Filipinos and to a lot of people all over the world is because how your hair looks affect how people see you. A co-worker with a pixie cut may be perceived as less feminine and less flirty but they rock, don’t they? Girls with straight hair are perceived to be more serious and professional while those with curly locks are perceived to be more fun and playful. And yes, people like their blonde jokes. A research by Yale University revealed that while brunettes and blondes come across as the sexiest, they still have to engage people in an intelligent discussion first before being taken seriously. This is why most people, especially women, take hairstyles seriously.

Sense of Attractiveness

Beauty tips are a hit in the Philippines. How-tos and tutorial videos in applying makeup or making an all-natural soap never fail to attract audiences. Hair also plays a big role in the whole psyche of being beautiful. After all, hair frames the face. It is also probably one of the top three features used to describe someone: the bald one, the one with the long hair, or the one with red highlights.

Attribution to Development

It is typical to hear Filipinos say that a newborn baby with a full head of hair is healthy. As they grow, the attribution to developmental growth continues. Early facial hair in adolescent boys is seen as a sign of virility or manliness. Thick, luscious hair on teen girls may be viewed as strong sexuality. And when people reach their 30s or 40s, they start losing hair, which is associated with aging and loss of health.

While healthy hair may be a sign of healthy hormones and good blood flow, the other views on sexuality may be a little far-fetched. Nevertheless, this just shows how having a healthy hair is deeply rooted in culture and history.

Sadness Over Hair Loss

Sadness Over Hair Loss
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May Solusyon Dito Philippines cites that 69% of Asian men, including Filipinos, feel sad rather than angry when attention is drawn to their hair. Additionally, 30% of Filipino men wish they had more hair. This is why hair loss in men is a serious concern here as it is in the rest of the world. Hair loss generally puts down people, either by their own disposition or by others.

Aging and Hair Loss

Aging and Hair Loss
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Thinning of the hair or hair loss is a sign of aging, which people now typically defy with beauty regimens and technology. This explains why offering hair loss solutions is a big business here and abroad. Hair restoration in Manila is abuzz, with more and more clinics popping out every now and then. The Philippines, with its field of experts, is known to provide high-quality results despite being more affordable.

It’s getting hot in here

It’s getting hot in here

The Philippines is a tropical country. It is mostly humid. This is why products and treatments promoting hair care in the Philippines are very popular. It is just too hot and the sun can definitely damage your locks. Hair care during summer is especially important because temperature can go up to a daily average of 37 degrees Celsius. The Filipino hair has to be moisturized all the time to prevent breakage, brittleness, dryness, and hair fall.

The kind of self-esteem that beauty enhances cannot be denied. When you feel good about yourself, you tend to have a brighter outlook. When you can flip your bouncy, shiny hair effortlessly, it’s easier to feel like a queen. When you can run your fingers on your soft, full head of hair, you feel more confident. Suddenly, it is easier to take control. This is what healthy hair does to people: it makes them feel better about themselves.

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