How Hair Loss Affects Your Relationship With Your Family

Hair loss affects us in a profound and significant way. It affects how we view ourselves and our daily interactions. Coping with hair loss can, indeed, be a rollercoaster ride. It’s highly probable that you’re constantly on the lookout for people who might check on your bald spots when they think that you don’t notice. This hair loss side effect can be emotionally draining and physically taxing.

Relationship With Your Family

As if it isn’t bad enough, research on the psychological effects of hair loss reveals that it can actually lead to severe emotional problems that can affect your personal life and career. What’s most bothering is the fact that hair loss can actually generate adverse impact on your family relationships, possibly one of the worst effects of suffering through hair loss.

Let’s take a deeper look and learn how hair loss affects your family relationships.

The Weak Disposition of Bald People
Unfortunately, the occurrence of hair loss tends to be perceived as weak. Although there are some medical attributions to the condition, it’s still a serious blow to the ego to both men and women. Attempts at covering up the pronounced bald patch with a toupee only worsens the situation.

In a household setting, the effects of health conditions on relationships can be pretty strong. Significant evidence of hair loss could make family members think less of you: less attractive, less respectable, less youthful — perceptions that may lead to aggressive emotional friction that will leave both parties emotionally strained.

Being perceived as weak may also lead to unwanted changes around the household that revolves around the fact that you’re bald. Some of your family members might think that the major reason why your hair is falling out is due to stress, when there are a lot of possible causes for hair loss that they should have considered first, and they should have tried to come up with ways to make you relax or cheer up even at the expense of going way off the budget.

The Hair Loss Effect: Isolation
There’s no going around it: losing your hair is cripplingly embarrassing. You’re always going to fixate over your bald patches as soon as you wake up and the fixation will last until you finally get to sleep. That’s one of the bad effects of hair loss you have to suffer through. Even worse is the things that may go through your family members’ minds the moment they see your glaring scalp. No, not even combing over the bald spots of your thinning hair would suffice.
With the limited options on the table, you might end up locking yourself up in your room and start to live your life like a recluse. You’d rather not go outside with your family and risk going through endless cycles of shame and humiliation caused by your hair loss problem. You’d think that even if your family won’t mind, being a laughingstock in front of your family is something you don’t want to happen.

This kind of thinking and action will frustrate your family members to no end, whether they’re aware of your hair loss problem or not. Family outings are not fun when it’s not complete. In the long run, your family members will inevitably vent out their frustration at you for not spending time with them. You’re missing precious bonding moments, all because of the psychological effects of hair loss.

The Hair Loss Ripple Effect

Hair Loss Ripple Effect

It’s no secret that bald people are constantly the butt of jokes in the workplace; it’s one of the many reasons why people with hair loss problems suffer from low self esteem. A hair loss sufferer doesn’t have to swing by the water cooler just to know that he or she being made fun of by colleagues whenever he or she is not around.

Without question, bald people are easy targets of crude jokes that might hamper their career prospects.
Having to go through this kind of ordeal will definitely take its toll, especially when you consider that being ridiculed in the workplace strongly hurts one’s self esteem. This will eventually branch out to the people they spend time with the inside their home: their family. That’s one of the many ways how hair loss affects relationships.

Whatever the effect may be — shame, pity, sadness, or anger — it will always negatively affect your family members in varying ways, which may lead to family problems that might severely jeopardize your relationship with your family in the long run.

The “Pity” Belief
Most people don’t want to be pitied. They view it as demeaning and even worse than that if the pity they’re getting stems from their hair loss problems. People with bald patches and thinning hair are wrongly perceived as weak and old, despite their age. With this wrong perception comes the pity, which can overwhelm and anger people suffering from hair loss and its emotional effects.

When constantly subjected to acts of pity, the person with hair loss problem will think that every kind gesture he or she receives are done out of pity because of the state of his or her hair. This constant state of “pity paranoia” will eventually find its way to the person’s household where every act of kindness, which is typical among family members, will be deemed as a gesture of pity for the hair loss sufferer. The unsavory effects of hair loss on relationships will inevitably reveal itself and eventually, this person will lash out at his or her family members.

On the other hand, the pity might be directed towards one’s self and might lead the hair loss sufferer to think that he or she is now becoming a burden to his or her family, considering the professionally unflattering response towards bald people in the workplace. Whether the pity is directed to other people or to one’s self, the effects are no laughing matter.

The Cold Effects of Hair Loss
When exposed to the hair loss problem long enough, the sufferer might end up having a cold and distant disposition, as a way of coping with hair loss, which may easily manifest in day to day household activities. The aloof attitude, when left unchecked, may adversely affect family members and the sufferer’s relationship with them. They might end up thinking that this cold disposition is actually directed at them.

The devastating social effects of hair loss to our emotional health shouldn’t be disregarded, as it will always find its way to manifest itself in our daily interaction with our family members. In order to cope with the emotional pains, one must ask for the assistance and support of family members to help you deal with the emotional pain of hair loss. This way, you’ll be able to replace self-pity and indifference with a positive and proactive attitude that would help you take the right steps towards dealing with the emotional effect of hair loss and actually solving the problem itself.

Nobody wants to go through this kind of ordeal and nobody has to. Minimize how hair loss affects your well-being and your relationships, at all cost. Solve this problem immediately by seeking professional advice about your hair loss condition.

Cold Effects of Hair Loss

You deserve to live free from bald patches and enjoy a happy life with your family. Don’t risk being a victim to anxiety and paranoia caused by male and female pattern baldness. Go get your hair consultation and resolve your hair loss problems today.

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