Hair Transplants: Do They Really Work?

Hair loss delivers a serious blow to anyone’s self esteem. It will hamper your ability to do your job with confidence and you constantly fear that they’re mocking your baldness when they think you’re not around. Sometimes, people mistake hair loss for inability to handle stress. Sometimes, this misunderstanding is the very reason why people get passed over for a promotion they deserve. Worst of all, your stunted self-esteem caused by hair loss might impair your relationship with your loved ones.

In most cases, receding hairline and baldness are something that we have no control over. Fortunately, there are many solutions to hair loss. If you’re looking for an effective long-term solution that will bring back your handsome or beautiful self, then it’s time to get a hair transplant surgery.

By choosing hair transplant, you’re effectively stopping your source of insecurity dead in its tracks. One of the reasons why hair loss experts and patients prefer a hair transplant is the dramatic advances this hair loss solution currently enjoys. These advances led to innovative techniques like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) that make hair transplant patients’ hair look as natural as one could ever imagine possible by using the patient’s own hair in the process.

The Importance of Getting The Right Professional Team

Getting The Right Professional Team

Regardless of the supposed success of any surgical procedure, effective results will always boil down to professional expertise. Hair transplant is a delicate process and the outcome heavily relies on the professional teams’ specialty, skill, experience, and technological resources. That’s why it’s critical that you’re not just haphazardly getting a hair transplant in the Philippines, you need a world-class hair restoration team that will make your newly-revitalized hair look as natural as possible and your hair surgery stitches virtually undetectable.

NuHart is the global leader in hair restoration, servicing more than 40 countries. It has performed more than 30,000 hair restoration procedures. NuHart also boasts a medical team of experienced physicians specializing in hair transplantations, supported by well-trained registered nurses and surgical technicians to provide tailored hair treatment plans so every patient gets the best hair restoration results in as fast as six months.

Hair loss is a sensitive issue, especially when you consider how the Philippine culture tend to make a laughingstock of bald people and how they address this issue with short-term solutions. This is why the professional team at NuHart painstakingly makes sure that everything is confidential and no follow-up visits or maintenance is required. Rest assured that everything is discreetly handled in a single visit.

Does it Really Work? Yes or No

Does it Really Work

A transplant is widely considered to be the most effective way how to solve hair loss in the hair restoration field. It allows hair loss patients to grow 60% of new hair in six months’ time, a gold standard in modern hair restoration area. It banks on ample research that strongly denotes adult hair follicles’ ability to regenerate hair, and epidermal ridges that makes it strongly conducive to new hair growth regardless of the factors at play. These two facts serve as the pillars of the efficacy of hair transplant procedures.

Is hair transplant permanent? Results upon results show that hair transplant is indeed permanent, making it also the cheapest way to regain your confidence in the long run. Due to the fact that your own hormone is the most common cause of hair loss, this hair surgery will focus on getting your hormone-resistant hairs, commonly found surrounding bald patches, and placing them on the bald patches itself. There’s no risk of rejection or impaired aesthetics since the hair being implanted is your own, eliminating any doubt on hair transplant’s effectiveness and permanence.

A Closer Look at Hair Transplant

A Closer Look

First, a team of NuHart hair transplant professionals will take a photo of your bald patches or thinning area for future comparison. Your attending NuHart hair restoration physician will then reassess the aesthetic goals you want the hair restoration procedure to achieve and the technique you opted for. Next, the team will clean your scalp and provide a local anesthetic before hair transplant professionals move hair follicles and the scalp from your hormone-resistant hairs to the thinning area or bald patches you want restored.

NuHart offers two hair restoration plans: The NuHart NeoGrafting and the NuHart Rapid Results Hair Transplantation. These two plans use Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques, respectively.

The NuHart NeoGrafting technique is a no-stitch procedure that selects and extracts individual follicular units from your hormone-resistant hair and transplants it into the area that needs addressing. This procedure is optimal for people with limited supply of hormone-resistant hair. Due to being a no-stitch procedure, NeoGrafting offers faster recovery period and a scarless procedure.

The NuHart Rapid Results employs linear incision to collect follicular units through the trichophytic closure technique. It is a state-of-the-art procedure that allows hair to continue growing through the edges of the incisions, making it hard to detect. This micrografting technique is perfect for people looking to create a natural-looking front hairline and achieve a healthy set of hair. With NuHart Rapid Results, you’ll look good in six months.

Whichever hair treatment plan you choose, you are assured that each procedure uses cutting-edge technology for safe and permanent results.

How To Make Sure The Transplant Works Without a Hitch

Works Without a Hitch

How do you make sure that hair transplant works? The key lies in proper preparation, which goes a long way for you to be able to feel confident and look good once again.

A few weeks before hair transplant, it’s crucial that you stop taking any multivitamins, supplements, antidepressants, blood-thinning drugs, aspirins, and anti-inflammatory medications. Ask your NuHart physician for a specific list. You are also required to stop smoking and stop drinking alcoholic beverages as these will impede the blood flow to your scalp and invariably influence the speed of your recovery.

Don’t hesitate to discuss the preparations required if you’re of a certain age and are diabetic. Your attending physician will provide a special diet plan to help you better manage your insulin on the day of the surgery and might ask you to undergo an ECG and blood tests to ensure everything’s safe.
Avoid getting your hair cut or colored prior to the surgery as this is where the hair transplant team will get the follicles that will cover your thinning hair and bald patches. Instead, religiously massage your scalp for a month to encourage blood flow.

On the day of the surgery, make sure that you’ve washed your hair properly and the hair treatment products you’re using is okay with your attending physician. Feel free to wear comfortable clothing and avoid drinking caffeinated drinks.

After the procedure, avoid fiddling with your hair and scratching your head no matter how itchy it gets. You might end up preventing the newly-implanted hairs from growing. Make sure to sleep on your back and use at least two pillows for elevation. Refrain from physically straining yourself and that means no playing sports or hitting the gym for the first month. Lastly, continue abstaining from drinking alcohol and smoking for a few months. If you want the best result, stop drinking alcohol and smoking completely.

Following these tips will help ensure that your hair transplant will be seamless.

What to Expect After a Hair Transplant

What to Expect

Yes, there are certain things to expect after a hair transplant. But these are just minor considerations compared to the amount of attention going your way, the respect you command, and the invigorated passion in your relationship. No more fear of coworkers snickering behind your back or your boss failing to consider you for a promotion. You’re the young, good-looking, and confident once again.
Whatever the cause of your hair loss, a hair transplant will always be the most effective solution to your problem. No more reason to remain insecure, solve your hair problems and get a consultation today! Don’t worry, consultations offered by NuHart will always be free, confidential, and requires no obligation.

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