Is Gelatin a Hair Growth Booster?

Having long, strong and shiny hair is somehow synonymous to being beautiful and healthy. Thus, those who want luscious locks take extra measures to ensure that their crowning glory is at its finest. Because hair grows so frustratingly slow, natural ways and remedies are sought to speed up the process.
At the moment, there are way too many products available that claim to help promote healthy hair and help hair grow faster. One surprising pantry staple that is said to be an effective hair growth booster is gelatin.

What’s is gelatin and what makes it effective?

Gelatin is a mixture of peptides and proteins from the dried collagen of skin, bones, cartilage and connective tissues of animals like pigs, cows and horses. Through the process of hydrolisation, the protein and amino acids are broken down, making them easier to absorb.

It is commonly used in foods like marshmallows, Jell-o and gummy bears. It is also used to make the outer shells of capsules and is added to low-fat products since it gives the creamy feel of a fatty ingredient minus the extra calories.

Gelatin contains keratin which is a very strong protein found in hair, nails, teeth and skin. Due to this ingredient, gelatin is believed to be effective in helping achieve healthier and stronger joints and bones, prevents wrinkles and fostering growth of nails and hair.

In fact, many shampoos and conditioners in the market contain keratin in the form of gelatin.

How to use gelatin as hair growth booster?

Gelatin may be used in two ways:

  • Gelatin powder may be added to your shampoo and/or conditioner and be part of regular hair washing routine, and;

  • It can be added to hot drinks like tea, to be drank regularly.

Can gelatin solve your hair issues?

Although gelatin is generally harmless and contains proteins and nutrients that are beneficial to health, there are no clinical studies yet to prove that it is indeed recommended for hair growth. To address hair issues, it is still best to consult and seek for the advice of an experienced and well trusted hair expert.

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