Having a crowning glory is usually associated or labelled to women only, as the usual bearers of long and beautiful hair are the females. But now, more and more men are becoming concerned of their crowning glory too, especially when they want to attract the opposite sex but are failing to do so because of how their hair — or lack of it look. While it may be easier for women to cover up hair loss, this case may pose a deeper threat to men since it affects not just their confidence but also their libido.

There have been myths about libido being related to a man’s hair loss: when a man’s libido is higher, it’s faster for him to lose his hair. The more virile you are, the more likely you are bald. And when you look at examples of tough and strong and attractive bald men, you may really think these myths are true. Who have not thought of famous masculine men like Vin Diesel, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant with their one, major similarity? Baldness. So that does mean bald men have higher libidos or vice versa? Not necessarily true.

There is a link, however, between higher testosterone levels and hair loss, but it’s not the higher libido that causes it. It still boils down to genetics. Several genes may be highly sensitive to testosterone circulating in the bloodstream. These genes, produces an enzyme that converts testosterone into a substance called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes hair follicles to shrink and chokes off their supply of blood and nutrients. And when these follicles shrink, the growing cycle gets shorter and new hairs become finer and finer, and eventually becomes dormant and no more hair is produced. Easy to say a man’s crowning glory is gone when the baldness starts, as it starts on the top of the scalp and then moves down under the head – a usually shape of male pattern baldness. But higher DHT levels are not determined by higher testosterone levels and won’t make you bald faster because of it. When a man says, he’s getting bald because he’s virile, that may not be true when he gets old and his testosterone levels drops but still loses hair.

A man’s crowning glory, though, may affect his libido; when a man loses confidence and self-esteem due to hair loss, it may be difficult for him feel attractive enough to the opposite sex. When this happens, it’s best to address this problem the soonest. Whatever the reason for the hair loss is, it should be found out and suitable ways to solve it should be determined. First step that a person experiencing hair loss should do is to consult a professional. He will help diagnose if the hair loss is hereditary, or is a symptom of a worse condition and from there, will then assess how to treat it.

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