Given there’s already a lot of advanced hair restoration methods to choose from, it is important to know which method is actually more effective and convenient for the patient. Two recent and common methods patient should be checking are Direct Hair Implant (DHI) and the original Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). But, what are their differences? Which is better than the two?

While both methods harvests follicular units individually and also implants individually, there a differences in the process of harvesting and implanting these follicular units. In the original FUE procedure, graft extraction or harvesting is done before you create recipient sites and implant the grafts. This means while creating recipient sites, the harvested follicular units will have to wait ‘outside of the body’ until the sites are ready for implantation. With DHI, recipient sites are created ahead before graft extraction so that once the units are harvested, they can immediately be implanted to the recipient sites.

Since the grafts are extracted and implanted simultaneously in the DHI method, the hair transplant process becomes significantly faster than the original FUE; the shorter time the grafts are out of the body, the longer the grafts’ survival rate and makes the grafts grow better if implanted soon after extraction. DHI’s process also minimizes the need to store the grafts in a separate storage solution and wait for the grafts to be implanted again.

In general, both these hair transplant methods typically have the same advantages (less scarring and pain or less complications) and disadvantages (fragile grafts and are more expensive than the other transplant methods). But it is important for patients to know if which method is more suitable for them and which of them can derive more favorable hair restoration results.

Checking with NuHart what the best option for you is a great help in your decision-making. NuHart ensures you that you’ll get a world class service and get natural results at an affordable price.

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Visit our website at and book a free consultation, or visit our office at Room 301 State Condominium 1, 186 Salcedo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

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