Loss of Self Confidence, and Decrease in Libido Linked To Male Pattern Hair Loss

The most valuable asset a balding man has is his confidence. In fact the same is true for a man with a full head of hair. It doesn’t matter how balding, gray, fat, thin, tall or short you are because attracting the opposite sex is all about confidence.

Loss of Self Confidence
Loss of Self Confidence

Hair loss is still, however, a major concern for most men. In fact, one study revealed men are more concerned about losing their hair than their minds. Women on the other hand are relatively unconcerned about male hair loss (only 13 percent would be very upset if their man lost their hair), despite the majority of men assuming it would be a major turn-off (52 percent thought women would generally find bald men unattractive). Another study found that men assumed their appearance had a greater impact on women than women acknowledged. In the study, women were asked to rank four personality variables and four physical variables in order of importance when selecting a man for a relationship, and personality won hands down. The thing about confidence though, is that it’s a matter of being comfortable within our own bodies. While some people get along quite fine without a full head of hair, others are so worried about hair loss that it consistently affects their confidence.
There are also myths that say men who suffer from hair loss are more virile. However, there is no denying that sexual activity is multi-factorial, so it’s unfair to say – and untrue – that bald men have higher libidos. Levels of free testosterone are strongly linked to libido and also DHT levels (the hair loss causing product in the body), but unless free testosterone is virtually non-existent, levels have not been shown to affect virility. If truth be told, a person’s hairline might be more indicative of their past than present disposition. After all, hair loss is progressive and free testosterone declines with age.
If your confidence and self-esteem are suffering as a result of hair loss, there is no better way to make you feel better than by dealing with the root of the problem. Most people feel better about themselves just by knowing that they’re doing something to correct the situation. But that doesn’t mean making a quick dash to the closest health food store in the misguided belief that any of the miracle cures found on the shelf will work for you. Because simply speaking, most of those hair loss products probably won’t work. They have not been subject to the same clinical and scientific testing the real hair loss treatments have before being stacked on the shelves, and they have not been formally approved by any recognised regulatory organisation to say they are safe to use.
If you are serious about treating hair loss you’ve got to get the right advice from a hair loss professional so you can choose from the proven and most effective hair loss treatments right off the bat and have your hair and confidence restored a lot sooner than you’d have thought. A lot of men that come in think they’re too young to have a consultation when in fact, if they’ve noticed their hair starting to thin or recede; it is the best time to do something.
Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors so that’s why it’s important to consult a professional. A diagnosis will inform you whether your hair loss is purely hereditary or if it is a sign of a more serious condition. Most male hair loss is due to a hereditary predisposition and is known as male pattern baldness. In fact, up to 80 percent of men over the age of 70 are affected by this type of hair loss, although its onset varies quite a lot. You could start to notice your hairline receding when you’re still in high school or it might not proliferate until you’re in your 40s. Regardless of how old you are when you start to notice your hair thinning, if you think hair loss could eventually start to affect your confidence, its best to seek the assistance of a hair loss professional right at the onset to get the best treatment and advice possible.
Most people don’t realise that hair loss is treatable and baldness is not an inevitable outcome. It’s a natural process for a lot of men but all the while their confidence is suffering. Some hair loss products get way with making exaggerated claims and give false hope to consumers whose hair loss only continues to worsen, but minoxidil are the only hair loss treatments that have the FDA’s approval after years of testing and proof that they are the best treatments for hair loss. For permanent solutions, other people opt for hair restoration and transplant. It’s natural-looking and is obviously the best option. A lot of people would lose hope after trying a few different products and assume that baldness is just something they’ll have to live with. However, this just proves how important it is in getting professional advice rather than making a self-diagnosis and choosing a product or two that sound promising.

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