The Positive Effects of Well Groomed Facial Hair on Men

It is not just about being macho or the desire to look like the ruggedly handsome like George Clooney or Bradley Cooper. The next time somebody quizzes you on why you are growing a beard or a moustache, tell them it helps you become healthier. Say so without batting an eyelash because it is the truth, according to medical experts. So gentlemen, don’t worry if you forgot to shave this morning. You look cool and confident just the same.

Facial hair in men could very well be a sign of youth, health, and a stress-free lifestyle. According to the American Hair Loss Council, hair loss in men such as developing gaps in beard is commonly a symptom of an autoimmune condition called alopecia barbae or other impulse-control disorders characterized by uncontrolled pulling of hair from any part of your body. So if your facial hair looks all grown and healthy, count yourself lucky. Or in some cases, sexy. This was the result of a survey by Braun which found 53% of men feel more attractive to women when they grow a beard, while 41% feel more confident in general.

Aside from a boost in manly looks and confidence, and earning a rite of passage for teens and adolescents, well-groomed facial hair also has health, love, and even career benefits.

No More Rashes Here

No More Rashes Here
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Shaving is generally not good on any part of the body, both for men and women. Dermatologist Dr. Martin Wade said shaving is the main cause of bacterial infections especially in the chin area that commonly causes acne. Aside from razor rash and ingrown hairs, shaving may also cause folliculitis or the infection of follicles that causes spots. So growing a beard and just grooming it by constant washing and trimming will definitely give you a break from all those nasty rashes.

And as an added bonus, you can do other things and not be late for work. Admit it, some men just hate the routine.

Get Covered with A Natural SPF

Get Covered
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Facial hair protects against sun damage and skin cancer, according to a study by the University of Southern Queensland. Researchers learned that parts of the face covered by hair are three times less prone to exposure to harmful UV rays. Beards, for example, offer 90 to 95 percent protection against the sun depending on length and thickness. Facial hair, in this case, is like a natural SPF.

Naturally, facial hair slows down aging because it helps the skin look and feel young by helping your face be wrinkle-free for a longer time. Because of the hair, moisture gets trapped inside so the skin does not look dull. At the same time, facial hair protects the skin from the wind which tends to make it dry. It also makes the skin thicker with the presence of hair follicles and oil glands. The thicker the skin is, the more resistant it is to damage.

Say Bye to Asthma and Coughs

Asthma and Coughs
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Got asthma? Did you know that facial hair, particularly a mustache can help? Mustaches reduce asthma symptoms by blocking allergens that go up the nose and end up being inhaled. In short, it can prevent dust particles from entering the airways. But since a mustache traps dust, it can also be a place for build up. So make sure to wash and keep it clean.

Thick beards, on the other hand, may help fight off coughs and other throat problems. Long, full beards act like an insulator that trap cold air and raise the temperature of the neck. Dr. Felix Chua, a respiratory physician in London, said hairs around the chin add a layer of protection. It’s like wrapping a scarf around your neck so you could feel warm.

Benefits on health as well as skin make hair growth for men even more important. Unfortunately hair loss in man’s beard, mustache, or sideburns are commonly caused by genetics. This is why facial hair transplantation is becoming more popular. The process is pretty much the same as transplanting hair on the head. Once transplanted, facial hairs become permanent and grow fast with the same texture and characteristics. You can even groom or shave it.

Catch The Ladies’ Attention

Catch The Ladies’ Attention
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So is there really a correlation between a beard and a blossoming love or sex life? According to a 2008 study by psychologists at Northumbria University, women see men with a bit of stubble as “tough, mature, aggressive, masculine, and dominant.”

Also according to the research, women think bearded men are the best romantic partners. In fact, in an article for The Telegraph, facial hair is said to be a powerful and effective socio-sexual signal and a “biological marker of sexual maturity.” Turns out there is a scientific reason why women gravitate towards men with a beard or mustache.

Get Hired, Beard Guy

Get Hired, Beard Guy
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Can you get a job and keep it while growing a beard? The key here is what your job or profession is. You can appear more competent and composed with it. However, you should know what industry you are getting into. If you are an artist, a groomed beard or mustache should not hurt. Employers wouldn’t really mind for as long as the facial hair is not distracting.

Generally, men behind a scruff are regarded as powerful, strong, and masculine. Even some of the greatest leaders and thinkers in history sported facial hair (some were really thick and elaborate). In this day and age, employers are becoming less strict with the appearance as neatly groomed and trimmed facial hair is considered the new shaven. Even newscasters, like Matt Lauer, grew and maintained a beard while reporting the news. The key is how you will make the beard or mustache work for you.

Getting on the beard brigade or the mustache movement isn’t that bad after all. So before reaching for that razor, think about what you might miss. If you keep your facial hair neat and groomed, you could be saving your skin, your health, your love life and even your career. And yes, you look totally more macho and masculine.

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