5 Reasons for your Hair Loss

If you are a fairly healthy person, but you notice that your hair is thinning in certain areas of your head, well this may be the list you are looking for, to help you answer your question of why you may be losing your hair.

    I know firsthand, that when we get our hair done we want to wear it out and let the whole world know that we look good.
    When you wear your hair out it is more susceptible to the outdoor environments (including articles of clothing and accessories you are wearing). The outside environment and the weather can cause breakage to your hair strands.-Wearing Your Hair Out In Cold Weather In the winter months we try to stay warm by using central heating or hot air heaters to keep ourselves warm. When we use these heating tools in our home, car or work, it sucks the moisture right out of the air leaving our hair vulnerable to becoming dry, dull and brittle.Going outdoors is equally as harmful. The cold winter winds cause split ends, breakage and damage to our hair shaft. If you use certain products in your hair that solidify when cooled (like coconut oil and shea butter), the cold weather can cause these products to solidify onto your hair strand and cause them to snap off or get tangled easily.This same concept applies to wearing wet or damp hair outside in the winter cold air. The water molecules on your hair strand can freeze or solidify, causing breakage and damage to your hair strand.-Wearing Your Hair Out In Hot Weather In the summer sun, we all know that it is very important to protect our skin from the UV rays of the sun. It is equally important to protect our hair from the UV rays as well.The UV rays weaken the protein bonds on our hair shaft, which causes our hair to look dry and frizzy and to become brittle. When the protein bonds in our hair are damaged our hair will essentially develop split ends, get weak and fall out.Furthermore, when you wear your hair out, your hair rubs against your clothing, accessories our jewelry, you are also putting your hair at risk for developing split ends and breakage. Again, if your hair is split or damaged, it can cause the whole strand of hair to split, causing weak dry, brittle hair and causing your hair to fall out.
    By playing in your hair, you strip your hair of its natural oils and you can actually be making your scalp/hair dirty, leading to other scalp conditions that irritate your scalp and cause hair loss. Also, stripping your hair of its natural oils, leads to dry, brittle and weak hair.
    Styling your hair too often is one of the top ways us ladies, damage our hair and cause hair thinning. Using the brush and comb frequently, will cause snags and knots in our hair. The constant friction of the brushing/combing motion will cause breakage and split ends.
    Washing our hair is great and we all need to do it, but “over washing” can be a huge problem and is another habit that causes our hair loss.When you “over wash” your hair, you are stripping your hair of all of its natural oils. These natural oils actually protect and nourish your hair, and they are specifically designed for your body. You cannot buy an oil that gives your hair and scalp the nutriments it needs specially designed for you.
    Wearing tight hairstyles like braids, weaves, tight buns and ponytails can actually cause a hair loss condition called Traction Alopecia which is caused by putting too much strain on the hair follicle which can lead to hair thinning and severe hair damage.

These are 5 bad habits that might be causing your hair thinning and/or hair loss. Know that these habits should stop. Otherwise, your hair loss condition may lead to baldness.

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