Here are the causes of Hair Loss!

On average, a person loses about 80 to 100 hairs daily. But there are some individuals who lose more hair than that! This results in hair balding which gives some individuals social anxiety and low self-esteem.

What is the root of the problem?
A healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Any kind of scalp disease, or even inflammation can weaken the roots of hair follicles resulting in hair loss. Trouble sign to look for is shedding of hair in large quantities after brushing or combing. If you have lost all your hair already and you are beyond the stage that your hair will re-grow again with the help of non surgical treatments, then scalp diseases can also come in the way of hair transplant.


What are the Types of Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be categorized into two broad classifications. One is hereditary hair loss and other one is hair loss due to medical conditions. Medical conditions like anemia, chemotherapy, hypothyroidism and auto immune diseases can trigger hair loss.

For diagnosing the underlying cause behind hair loss, it is recommended to visit a clinic for a consultation. Crash diets, excessive brushing, heat styling can also be attributed to hair loss. On the other hand, if hair loss is hereditary, hair transplant is the only option.

How to treat thin hair?
Some patients whose hair fall is still in their early stages are advised to use oral and topical medications. Minoxidil are most used medications for treating hair loss and promoting hair growth. To see significant difference in the condition of hair, one must apply these treatments daily. Most people however lose interest and seek more permanent options like hair transplant. Hair transplant have come a long way. It produces natural looking and permanent results.

Do not break your hair, break bad habits instead! Unhealthy hair habits can lead to thinning hair and eventually hair loss. Following is a list of some everyday habits that are causing more damage than you think.

-Excessive brushing
Excessively brushing your hair can cause more damage than you think. Brushing hair aggressively and too often can put a lot of strain on your hair cuticle. Also, do not brush your hair when it’s wet. It will cause further damage and breakage.

-Tight hair styles
Tight hair styles are another common cause of hair fall. Wearing high pony tails, high buns and tight up dos can result in hair fall. You must switch your styling game and opt for more bohemian looking styles such as lose braids or hair wraps.

-Heat styling tools
Applying heat to your hair can cause you hair to become fried, brittle and weak. You can use heat once in a while for special occasions. Excessive use of hot tools will strip your hair of natural moisture which will eventually lead to hair fall.

-Poor diet
If you are always on the go and you are munching on fast food all the time, then your hair will suffer. You cannot expect to have a poor diet and yet have a crowning glory on your head. A healthy diet rich in proteins, B vitamins, and essential fatty acids is critical for the health of your hair. The healthy of a hair begins from inside. So, if your body is well fed and enriched with nutrients, it will show in your hair. Eggs, chicken, turkey, meat are rich sources of protein. Also ensure to incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables for added vitamins. Incorporate leafy greens in your diet to keep your iron levels up at all times.

Consider breaking the above mentioned habits instead of breaking your hair. Or visit Nu/Hart Hair Restoration Philippines for a free consultation.

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