Concerns About Hair Restoration and the Truth Behind Them

If you’re suffering from hair loss and you’re looking for the right treatment, undergoing hair restoration procedure is well worth considering.  Before you decide to sign up for any hair restoration service, you must do your homework first and know what you’ll get into. Since it involves surgery, you have to decide carefully if this is the right solution for your hair loss problems.

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How To Find The Right Hair Restoration Doctor

The Philippines has been experiencing a great surge in medical tourism for the past several years and is predicted to become a $3-billion industry this year. Foreign patients recognize the competency of Filipino doctors and the reasonable price of services and facilities. This is why the country is now considered one of the best places to get reliable but affordable cosmetic surgery procedures, which include hair transplantation or hair restoration.

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Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Hair Restoration

While there are countless hair loss information and treatment options available, hair transplantation is the only permanent solution to hair loss so you can enjoy a fuller head of hair. During this process, follicular units are taken from the back or sides of your head, which are donor areas that will eventually regrow hair. The follicular units are dissected into grafts, which are then placed into the thinning and balding areas of your scalp. A natural approach to hair loss treatment, hair transplantation uses your own hair and makes it grow permanently, requiring no additional maintenance.

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FUE or FUT: Which is the Right Hair Transplant for You?

Balding men (and women) have much to rejoice these days. Innovations are being made constantly regarding hair loss treatments and those who are suffering from hair loss can choose between non-surgical methods (topical and ingested treatment) and hair transplant. If you want a faster permanent hair loss solution and you’re willing to spend for surgical measures, then hair transplantation is the right way to go.

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Why Are More Men In The Middle East Losing Hair?

Hair loss is a major concern in the Middle East. According to the statistics from ISHRS, the region experienced the biggest increase in the number of hair restoration procedures performed from 2004 to 2012, which is a whopping 740%. Aside from those born in the region, foreigners also experienced considerable hair loss since moving to the Middle East.

One in every three Middle Eastern men suffers from hair loss and hair thinning while one in every five is the ratio for women. This is why there’s a high demand for hair restoration procedures among people who are residing in the region.

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Where to Get the Best Hair Graft Procedure in Manila

What’s so Mega about Mega Sessions?
Nothing less than the 4,000 hair graft procedure or mega sessions, offered by none other than NuHart is the best way to go. In fact, this is the most sought-after service, as some clients fly all the way to Manila for this session. And why not? Mega sessions 4,000 grafts are done in just one session instead of two which allows you to head back to work the next day –now that is truly mega.This is nothing less than great proof that there is a solution to any hair problem. What’s more, NuHart can offer you a case-to-case consultation and you can even learn more about their NeoGrafting Procedure. For sure, no hair situation is too dire to solve.

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Am I A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant?

When you start losing your hair, it is normal to feel like you are starting to lose a part of yourself, too. A thinning scalp is often followed by a thinning sense of well-being and growing anxiety of youth slipping away. It is easy to understand why the hair transplant and restoration industry is getting stronger than ever. In the 2011 Census of the International Society for Hair Restoration, the number of patients seeking transplant nearly reached one million, with America and Asia as the largest markets. Even developing countries like the Philippines are seeing a competition among best hair transplant clinics in Manila. And no, it is more than vanity. It is about regaining confidence and restoring sense of self.

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