Where to Get the Best Hair Graft Procedure in Manila

What’s so Mega about Mega Sessions?
Nothing less than the 4,000 hair graft procedure or mega sessions, offered by none other than NuHart is the best way to go. In fact, this is the most sought-after service, as some clients fly all the way to Manila for this session. And why not? Mega sessions 4,000 grafts are done in just one session instead of two which allows you to head back to work the next day –now that is truly mega.This is nothing less than great proof that there is a solution to any hair problem. What’s more, NuHart can offer you a case-to-case consultation and you can even learn more about their NeoGrafting Procedure. For sure, no hair situation is too dire to solve.

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Nevertheless, before you search for any long-term solution, you need to have a firm grasp of the issue. You have probably already heard of hair transplantation, but what you, like many others, might not know, is that the person in need of the transplant and his or her surgeon need to work together to ensure that the procedure is successful. Because of this, you should only entrust your hair to an expert. Although it is possible for you to read up on every hair graft procedure out there or to look all over the city to get started on Follicular Unit Extraction, your efforts might end up in vain if you don’t understand what makes for a good surgeon you can trust.

Why Get Your Hair in a Fuss?
If you’ve been bewildered by hair loss lately, you’ve probably looked into tonics, pills, laser treatment, and even good, old fashioned wigs. Still, hair transplantation is the best, only natural way for you to regrow your tresses. After all, it uses your own hair, and this will ensure that your crowning glory grows for the rest of your life.

Hair loss can be a source of decline in confidence, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent problem.

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A number of local hair clinics claim to be experts in mega sessions, or using multiple micro-grafts. Other surgeons may also claim to have perfected the 4,000 hair graft procedure, also known as mega sessions. While it may be tempting to think that you have a wide variety of options, in truth, your hair deserves only the highest level of expertise, which should narrow down your options considerably.

You can leave a past of sparse hair with high quality grafts.

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The New World of NeoGrafting
At NuHart, you can avail of a special advancement in Follicular Unit Extraction: the NeoGrafting procedure. This entails strategically harvesting individual follicular units from the donor area. This is done by scoring the skin, then gently and individually extracting the units from within the scored circle. Afterwards, the follicular units are immediately transplanted into the thinning and balding area.

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Even better, it leaves no linear scars, stitches, or bandages, and within a faster healing time so you can jump right back into your hectic schedule.

But of course, each client has to undergo full consultation to see if they are the best candidate for this type of hair transplant surgery. Now, of course, is the best time to inquire about the surgeon that steers NuHart.

Top Notch Transplant with Dr. Bato
Dr. Romeo V. Bato is considered as one of both Asia and the Philippines’ leading expert in FUE. As a matter of fact, he is an innovator in hair restoration, capable of performing high quality follicular unit transplantation or FUT and FUE, the advanced Follicular Unit Extraction, both with only the best results.

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As the resident surgeon of NuHart since 2005, he has handled various cases and nationalities when it comes to hair restoration. Plus, he has performed over a thousand procedures on a diversity of clients, including celebrities! Proving that he has the skill set to handle the latest and best technologies in hair transplantation, he has also handled a good number of clients who needed corrective surgery for blunders committed by other surgeons who used old fashioned technology.

More importantly, while other hair clinics claim that they are the pioneers behind mega-sessions, or the 4,000 grafts technique in Manila, NuHart can provide evidence to an important truth: Dr. Bato is the original surgeon who perfected this technique and he has the professional record to prove it.

The Best Only Comes from the Best
Dr. Bato attended medical school at the University of the East—Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center and then completed his residency in General Surgery at the San Juan De Dios Hospital.

Aside from his training in cosmetic surgery under the renowned Dr. Wilfredo Salapantan, he specialized in Hair Transplantation at the NuHart Hair Clinic New York as well as Pittsburgh. Also, he is a member of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery, an international member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, a fellow of the Philippine Academy of Aesthetic Surgery, a fellow of the Philippine Association of Medical Specialists, and of the Philippine Society of Liposuction Surgery. Lastly, he is a diplomat of the Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Pan Pacific Aesthetic Institute.

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NuHart Plus Dr. Bato Equals Optimum Results

A pioneer himself, Dr. Bato only works with a staff that can be considered the crème de la crème of local hair clinics. Aside from giving free and private consultations, NuHart also offers:

  • A highly skilled team of registered nurses and surgical technicians to ensure a smooth, comfortable, and simple in-office procedure
  • Methods that are always technologically advanced, safe, permanent, and affordable
  • NeoGrafting, as an addition to the more traditional Strip Method technique

Just as Dr. Bato is all about excellence, NuHartseeks to be better, always. For one, they hold a patent in follicular multiplication and is always committed to research and development to bring the most advanced hair transplant solutions. In addition, the following are further proofs that NuHart is the best permanent hair loss solution:

  • They constantly explore further options for hair re-growth such as laser hair therapy, topical treatments, new surgical instruments, and the latest techniques—but as a standard operating procedure, they only introduce methods that have been thoroughly tested and have been proven safe.
  • They have a Medical Advisory Board that discusses and evaluates hair transplant cases, techniques, advances, and options.
  • NuHart makes sure to give each patient a customized treatment plan so that he or she can have the best hair transplant experience possible; in fact, no procedure or graft is the same for any individual.

The Crystal Clear Truth

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Under the watch of resident surgeon, Dr. Romeo Bato, the clinic uses only the best and highly recommended latest technology, with a staff that knows exactly what they’re doing. Clients can be sure that only a skilled surgical staff like the one in NuHart can handle everything efficiently—from dividing the donor strip into its follicular groupings, to assigning medical assistants in inspecting follicular units during a NeoGrafting session and immediately inserting the units in the recipient area.

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