We all want long lush hair we can wear with pride and confidence. Unfortunately, different factors, including blood circulation, stress, diet, hormonal changes and side effects of radiation and medication can cause hair loss. Other cause and likely the most difficult to combat is hair loss caused by genetics.

The good thing is, there are many available treatments you can try to maintain your crowning glory’s health and wellness and help boost its natural growth. Aside from over-the-counter and surgical methods, there are herbal supplements and plant organics believed to have positive effects to the hair.

Some herbs considered to effectively help slow down hair loss are – saw palmetto, licorice, horsetail and rosemary. All these can increase blood circulation in the scalp and unclogs the pores so that nutrients can easily reach the follicles and boost their growth.

These plants are also believed to contain compounds that block the formation of the hormone DHT which is linked to male pattern baldness.

Another top-of-mind when it comes to natural beauty aids is the aloe vera. This succulent has been used in herbal medications for years now and a huge number of gels, shampoos and other beauty products in the market contain this as a key ingredient. This is because it contains minerals and vitamins helpful as hair stimulus by increasing blood circulation in the scalp area as well as balancing its PH levels.

Although there is a lack of supporting clinical studies and evidences on the effectiveness of herbal supplements and plant organics in fostering hair growth, you may still resort to this natural remedies, especially if your hair loss is caused by scalp conditions. These treatments may help in keeping the hair healthier in a natural way.

For more serious hair loss conditions, however, it is advisable to consult with a registered hair expert so they can help determine the best solution for your problem. By studying your medical history and current hair condition, hair surgeons can recommend the necessary alternatives or surgical methods best suited for you.

Consult to know more about hair loss treatment options.

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