A big chunk of men’s population from different age groups are affected by gradual significant hair loss. This usually happens over the front, top and crown of their heads. Most undergo this change without knowing the real root cause of the problem due to different contributing factors considered. In addition to possible effects from diet, lifestyle, and stress levels, weather conditions are also taken into consideration if they play a role in male pattern baldness.

Hair Changes Due to Weather
Although they may be cases wherein you lose more strands during a certain season (hot or cold), the answer is NO – weather is not a factor affecting male pattern baldness.

While it does not directly contribute to hair loss, however, certain weather conditions can cause extreme damages to the hair. Cold weather, for instance, can make hair dry and brittle, making the strands more prone to breakage.

Exposure to hot weather may also cause irritation to the scalp areas.

The Real Root of the Problem
Scientific studies has identified that male pattern baldness is actually genetic and caused by hormones vital in male sexuality such as testosterone. The hair follicles in the areas usually affected react negatively to the hormone testosterone and eventually results in gradual hair loss. This may begin as early as puberty period when blood levels of androgen rise up considerably.

Males with relatives who have undergone the same hair problems have high expectancy rates of having the same condition as well.

Male pattern baldness or any early signs of hair loss must be addressed with the help of a professional. Nuhart’s experts in hair restoration can properly guide you on your hair concerns and will help you determine a solution to help you reclaim your crowning glory. Book a free consultation now, and let’s discuss your options.

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