More and more significant technological advances has been happening even in the field of hair restoration. FUE Robotics offers the latest in hair replacement.This method of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) replaces manual labor since both graft harvesting and transplantation are done with the help of a computer generated robot.

Some advantages of FUE Robotics are:
  1. Accuracy in selecting which parts/sections of the hair needs harvesting.
  2.  Increase in the number of grafts that can be done at once.
  3. Reduced harvest time versus manual follicular unit extraction.

On the other hand, this hair restoration technique also has downsides

  1. It is only effective to certain types of hair. Eligible candidates are restricted to patients with straight dark brown or black hair.
  2. Robotics FUE can only harvest and perform hair transplant from the back of the scalp.
  3. Robotic hair transplant methods use larger needles that may cause damage to the donor and recipient sites as well as adjacent follicles. This may result to larger wounds and scars and healing complications afterwards.
  4. Patients may experience temporary hair loss after transplant.
  5. It is more expensive relative to other hair transplant methods.

Robotics FUE may have the potential to redefine hair restoration technology. However, it still requires further refinement and still cant substitute the discernment of a skilled hair restoration surgeon.
It is important for patients undergoing hair restoration to be dealing not just with the best tools but with a team of experienced hair surgeon. In the hand of the right surgeon, results can be amazing.

We at Nuhart, with our pool of experts would love to be your partner on your path to thicker and better hair.
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