Hair Restoration Trends in the Philippines to Keep Up With

Filipinos are showing an increasing interest in hair care. In fact, hair care and solutions are some of the top topics often googled by Pinoys. With this comes the interest in the latest procedures that deal with their seemingly unsolvable hair loss problems. The great news is that technology has come a long way, giving you procedures that can safely and effectively solve your hair loss dilemmas. Today, it’s not only Hollywood who has access to these hi-tech procedures. Filipinos can now enjoy and reap the benefits of hair transplant procedures. Curious what these procedures are? Here are the top 5 hair transplant trends in the Philippines you need to know now.

1. Filipinas Open Up to Brow Transplants

brow transplants

Thanks to international social media stars like Cara Delevingne, Alexa Chung and the Kardashians, the eyebrows have become an insanely popular feature many Filipinas want to highlight. If the global trend in the 1990s and early 2000s was single-line brows, the emphasis now is on thick, luscious arches.

Looking back, you may wonder why women thought it was cool to have thin brows. To each her own, perhaps. But a recent study has found that lush eyebrows are considered to be the most important facial feature because they make a lasting impression. And judging by today’s trend, it appears many women are understanding the importance of having full and defined brows.

Apart from relying on makeup, an increasing number of Filipinas are counting on procedures like hair restoration. It’s more permanent and more time-saving in the long run than applying eyebrow makeup everyday. What’s more, it’s a great and effective hair loss solution for women. The procedure involves taking a strip of hair from the scalp and threading each hair into the brow area. It takes only a few hours to complete and the dramatic results can last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

2. Latest Hairstyles Show Uptrend for a Fuller Scalp

From fashion shows and celebrity looks to social media personalities and expert forecasts, the hairstyle trend among Filipino men is pointing to the direction of easy-to-maintain, modern masculinity. Filipinos are now becoming more vocal in wanting to look their best, yet they want something that won’t take forever to fix. After all, they are also busy building their careers and trying to focus on the ladies.

It’s important to note, however, that whatever trendy hairstyle—be it the man bun or the swept up quiff—the accent is placed on having healthy-looking full hair. This explains why modern hair transplantation are also becoming popular among Filipinos who want to look their best and stay on trend. No modern trend can look great with limp and thinning hair. More Filipinos understand this, that’s why they consider undergoing modern hair procedures like the FUE hair transplant. It’s an effective procedure that’s ideal for men who don’t want to deal with any linear scarring. Like the latest hairstyle trends, hair transplant trends for hair loss stress the necessity of having the most natural-looking and effective procedure available.

3. Hipster Influence on the Return of the Beard

hipster influence
Photo courtesy of The 5th District

While the term “hipster” is sometimes used as a pejorative, the sheer number of Filipinos who appreciate this subculture shows that it’s still getting much following. Hipster culture seems to be everywhere nowadays. It also appears to encompass anyone who likes to be unique and trendy at once. One undeniable hipster trend among Filipinos is growing a beard. This trend appears to be reinforced by the emerging appreciation for hair loss solutions for men. The emphasis is on looking more mature and wise, even among the younger generation.

A major problem among many Filipinos who like to embrace the beard trend is not everyone can grow a beard. Filipinos are not as hairy as their Western peers. As such, affordable facial hair transplant has sparked interest. The procedure is effective in its simplicity: a trained surgeon takes hair from the the scalp or the chest and transplants it onto the face. This natural-looking hair transplant is fantastic for those who can’t grow a beard or those who have patchy facial hair. Since men are susceptible to facial hair loss, this trending procedure is great as a permanent hair loss solution.

4. Demand for Genital Hair Transplant on the Horizon?

The influence of Korean culture on the Philippines is undeniable. From K-pop to Koreanovelas, the Korean wave or Hallyu is something warmly embraced by Filipinos. Everywhere you turn, you see Korean cosmetic shops and restaurants, not to mention actual Koreans who are in the Philippines for work, study or travel.

Apart from these, there are interesting hair transplant trends that Koreans may be bringing to the country. Did you know that many Korean women who suffer from hypotrichosis or hair loss in the genital area are undergoing pubic hair transplants? While this is not a trivial matter, given the fact that it addresses a medical condition, it may take a little more time for some Filipinas to get used to the idea of having a thicker bush down there. But given the fact that this procedure is one of the hair transplant trends in 2016 coming from the culturally-influential nation of Korea, it’s not far-fetched to predict that Filipinas who suffer from hypotrichosis will consider having the procedure done in the near future.

5. Fuller Lashes are Becoming the Rage

fuller lashes
Photo courtesy of Cosmetics Design Asia

Eyelash salons have recently boomed in the Philippines. Now, men and women can have the full lashes that they desire. However, concerns have been raised about the effectiveness and safety of many of the lash procedures offered by these salons. As happens, the procedures are often done by aestheticians, not by medical professionals. Perhaps you or someone you know have personally experienced some of the mishaps caused by these salons. Having thinning lashes after the shedding of the artificial ones is just one of the unfortunate stories.

Despite these issues, the truth remains that lash procedures can be safe and effective. But for them to be so, it’s important that you rely on surgeons who were medically trained to operate on the lids. Hair transplant procedures in the Philippines include the eyelash area and are conducted by some of the leading surgeons in the field. Thankfully, hair transplant in Manila is trending as a good counterpoint to some of the malpractice occurring in poorly-regulated beauty centers.

Knowing what the new trends are in hair transplants for men and women allows you to effectively address any hair loss dilemma you might be facing. Whether it’s thinning brows or a bald patch, you can now access the available technology to help you look and feel your best. On the whole, hair transplantation in the Philippines is definitely going in the right direction because of technology-backed efficacy and safety of the procedures.

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