NuHart’s New Hair Project 2016 in Cebu

Hair loss afflicts two-thirds of men by the age of 35, with women not so far behind in numbers. The condition has grave impact on self-esteem, relationships, and can even portend more serious health issues. The onset of hair loss on Filipinos is just as pressing as other cases around the world, and Dr. Romeo V. Bato is determined to help Filipinos find an affordable hair solution that’s permanent, natural-looking, and comfortable.

Nuhart Event

Through Nu/Hart Clinic Philippines, Dr. Bato rose to the challenge of delivering dependable hair restoration services in Manila. NuHart aims to provide the best natural results that can be expected from a hair transplant procedure. With over 25 years of industry experience, Nu/Hart Clinic Philippines has developed its procedures to provide fast, consistently positive results. Patients have come to the Philippines from over 40 countries to regain the confidence that a full head of hair represents.

The New Hair Project

One of the reasons why hair loss sufferers don’t get expert advice and treatments to correct their hair loss problems is the lack of information and widespread misinformation. Because of this, many men and women insist on believing hair loss myths, such as how shampoo and exposure to the sun can cause baldness. Meanwhile, a lot of people simply don’t know where to go for professional advice. By default, hair loss sufferers consult their dermatologists when the best place to go is a specialized hair loss clinic.

The New Hair Project
cMeet Dr. Bato and his competent medical team at the New Hair Project 2016.
Photo courtesy of Nu/Hart Clinic Philippines

Enter The New Hair Project. Through the efforts of Dr. Bato and his dedicated staff, hair loss sufferers can come together and get the answers–the right ones–they need to truly help with their condition. The New Hair Project is a hair loss consultation session being held in Cebu this June 2016. After a successful event last February 27, 2016, Dr. Bato will be there again to provide professional insights, offer hair loss solutions and answer any questions regarding hair loss and hair transplant procedures.

Learn more about the robust hair restoration technology that Nu/Hart Clinic Philippines offers, and find out exactly what to expect before, during, and after your procedure. The New Hair Project will also dispel any misconceptions you may have about hair loss and hair transplants. Hair loss treatment in Cebu Philippines is now becoming a reality. Join Dr. Bato as he sheds light on hair restoration queries once again to separate the truths from the myths once and for all.

Get The Answers You Need
Dr. Bato and his patients last February in Cebu.
Photo courtesy of Nu/Hart Clinic Philippines

Get The Answers You Need

Joining Dr. Bato at The New Hair Project is absolutely FREE. Registration is still ongoing and 10 patients were already given a 30% discount on their first hair transplant procedure. Grab this chance to consult with one of Asia’s leading experts in the latest hair transplant technologies. Have your hair loss questions addressed by a pioneer in the field of hair restoration, and learn about solutions that truly work.

Reserve a spot at The New Hair Project 2016 and defeat hair loss for good.

See you in Cebu!

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