15 Common Filipino Hair Mistakes You Might Be Guilty Of

With the fast-paced daily schedule of many Filipinos, hair care routines are often done with haste. To avoid traffic and save time, we get our hair done in 1-2-3. No one is saying that fixing your hair should take forever, but it’s wise to slow down a little because you might be doing some things wrong. Damaged locks, dry ends, limp and flat hair, dull, thinning hair—do these problems look familiar? The first step to reclaim your crowning glory is to know what Filipinos are doing wrong with their hair. Here are the 15 common mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

1. Not Thoroughly Washing Off Your Shampoo

Washing Off Your Shampoo
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One of the worst hair mistakes to avoid is not thoroughly washing off your shampoo. This will leave chemicals on your hair that will cause damage such as scalp itchiness and dryness. Your main goal when you shampoo is to wash away all the grime and dirt, not to leave anything behind. If you’ve used too much product, do a double rinse to ensure that everything is cleansed.

2. Intense Towel-Drying

We all want to dry our hair fast, especially when in a rush. This is especially true for people like busy, super moms who are desperate for a quick hair makeover in the morning. However, if you dry your hair intensely with a towel, the likely result is broken strands. Your hair cuticle is delicate, requiring you to dry it gently and effectively. The way to do it is to blot your hair with a towel and shake it out using your fingers. This may take a little more time, but it will surely prevent hair damage.

3. Leaving Out Heat Protection

It’s summer and as much as you need to protect your skin, you need to arm your hair against the heat. Being unprotected from the heat, whether from the sun or the tools you use, is one of the causes of hair loss. If you frequently use tools like a curling iron or a hair dryer, spritz some heat protector on your damp hair to shield your strands.

4. Blindly Following Celebrity Hairstyles

Blindly Following Celebrity Hairstyles
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Many Filipinos love their celebrity idols, many of whom are recently seen showcasing their changing hair colors and hairstyles on social media. There is nothing wrong with this, but one of the biggest hair mistakes Filipinos are making is replicating celebrity hair looks at the expense of their own unique traits. Use what you see on social media for inspiration, but remember to adapt them to your own personality and natural characteristics.

5. Forgetting the Scalp When Brushing

One of the common hair mistakes by Filipinos is forgetting about their scalp when brushing. The idea behind this mistake is, according to hair lore, too much brushing causes breakage. Go easy on the brushing, yes, but don’t forget about brushing your scalp to stimulate circulation and hair growth.

6. Being Too Squeaky Clean

Many Filipinos love to be super clean when it comes to their hair care routine. But going overboard with cleanliness by washing your hair too much will strip your locks of healthy, natural oils. What you get is not fresh hair, but the opposite—dry and brittle hair. Keep a good balance by shampooing every other day or switching to mild shampoo if you must wash on a daily basis.

7. Following an Unhealthy Diet

Following an Unhealthy Diet
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Following an unhealthy diet can leave you and your hair crying for help. Proper nutrition is one of the most crucial lifestyle choices not only to maintain beautiful hair but also to boost hair loss solutions. Eat generous amounts of fruits and vegetables to get all the vitamins and minerals your hair and body need to look and feel their best.

8. Cranking Up the Heat Setting

When it comes to styling with tools, one of the common hair mistakes is using the hottest setting possible.- This can fry your locks and cause more frizz. When doing normal hair drying, use the cool setting. When styling your hair, it’s best to use medium heat for smooth and frizz-free strands.

9. Using the Wrong Brush with Your Hair Dryer

Wrong Brush
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The hair dryer is one of the most popular hair tools used by Filipino men and women. However, using it wrong is also one of the most common haircare mistakes. Remember that your hair dryer can only be as good as the brushes you use. Avoid metal brushes because they can cause damage when used with heat. Opt for a natural boar bristle brush to prevent over-drying and damage.

10. Using Too Much Conditioner

At the onset of hair loss and lackluster hair, some people think that using lots of condition is what they they urgently need. While conditioning can revitalize hair, over-conditioning is a snafu that can cause oily and limp hair. Use just enough to soften the ends and untangle snags. Serious conditioning should only be done once a week using a deep treatment like a hair mask.

11. Rubbing Your Eyes

You’ve heard of the saying, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” What should be immediately added as caution is rubbing them constantly because it can cause irritation and thinning lashes. Take care of your lashes by gently using lash curlers and avoiding poking them with your fingers. Remember that the importance of eyelashes is just equal as the hair on your scalp for both aesthetic and protective reasons.

12. Sleeping with Your Wet Hair

You wash your hair at night and immediately sleep afterwards. Notice what’s wrong here? If not, then it’s this: sleeping with your hair wet causes a lot of friction that leads to frizzy and damaged hair. You can actually wake up with bad hair even before your day starts! It’s also one of the hair mistakes that causes hair thinning because of the damage it brings to your cuticles.

13. Not Letting Your Hair Down

Not Letting Your Hair Down
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A lot of women like to fix their hair up in a ponytail during a busy day. It’s fine when you do it once in awhile. However, making it your everyday look can also make hair damage your everyday problem. Learn to let your hair down to allow it to “breathe.” If you throw your hair in a ponytail to cover a balding scalp, the effective solution is to consider hair restoration in the Philippines. Thinking long-term, effective solutions can eliminate your hair thinning problem.

14. Being Impatient with Your Tangles

Being impatient towards your tangles is one of top common hair mistakes in the Philippines. With the heat and humidity in the tropics, you’d want to quickly banish the tangles and frizz with over-styling and excessive brushing. But you’re making the problem worse. Gently untangle your hair with your fingers and brush them only when they are about 70 to 80% dry.

15. Ignoring the Importance of a Good Hairstylist

Good Hairstylist

Having a great hairstylist should be part of your squad goals. If you’ve found one already, stick with him or her to ensure you look fabulous after every salon trip. If you’re still looking for “the one,” the way to avoid a bad haircut is to be vocal about your hair needs and style preference. Inform your stylist about hair issues you may be having, such as thinning hair and dry ends. This will allow your stylist to provide the appropriate cut and service.

Knowing common Filipino hair mistakes allows you to avoid or overturn them. If your hair mistake is closely tied with more serious problems like thinning hair, remember that effective solutions like natural-looking hair restoration are now in the Philippines. At the end of the day, what you should realize is avoiding common hair mistakes and restoring your crowning glory can be easy and quick, all while remaining effective.

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