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Hair Transplant is a procedure in which certain factors are taken into consideration before a patient is considered a good candidate. These measures are very crucial to ensure the success rate and for the desired end-result to be achieved.

Here are some key reasons that determine one’s readiness for a hair transplant:

  • Amount of Donors/Grafts Available

During the evaluation process, the hair surgeon will assess how much hair is available for use. The donor area at the back of the head is scanned for good potential grafts. If there are no sufficient amounts of grafts that can be transferred to the affected area, hair transplantation may not entirely provide the desired result.

  • Patient’s Age

As much as possible, surgeons prefer that hair transplant patients are those who are at least 30 years of age. This is to ensure that the hair loss pattern has already reached full maturity. Since younger patients usually suffer from “immature hair loss”, the shedding may still continue to progress and intervening with a hair transplant at this point may not be helpful.

  • Severity/State of Hair Loss

The extent of the patient’s hair loss also determines his eligibility as a hair transplant candidate. This is related to factor number one (1) as the severity of loss means a larger affected area that needs to be covered. If it’s too severe, and there are no enough grafts to cover, then a different hair restoration method needs to be considered.

  • Patient’s General Health

The patient should be healthy enough to undergo any hair transplant procedure. The surgery itself as well as the recovery period require a healthy immune system, thus, it is necessary that any medical conditions be treated first.

These are four major factors that are crucial to and should be assessed thoroughly. In the instance that these are not met, the surgeon then recommends other available options fit for the patient’s hair loss condition.

It is important that these major factors are assessed and discussed by your trusted surgeon. At NuHart Philippines, these factors are discussed and you are assured before you take the next step.

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