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Male pattern baldness is a common hair loss condition which affects almost every male throughout their lifetime, some even experiencing it as early as 18 years old. This condition does not occur overnight – hair loss happens gradually and can be noticeable over time.

You can hear it from almost everyone: “Treat male pattern baldness while it’s still early” or “Prevent hair loss as early as now”. Those statements are correct and prevention is better than cure, but you must know the early stages of male pattern baldness before you can actually decide on which course of treatment to take as some cases hair fall due to male pattern baldness can be prevented during the early stages; while other cases could be slowed down.

There are 7 early warning signs of Male Pattern Baldness:

  • Receding Hairline

Male pattern baldness usually starts in the hairline. What you should look out for is the gradual thinning of hair away from the forehead in a distinctive “M” shape.

  • Thinning in the Crown Area

This is another common warning sign for male pattern baldness, as the thinning crown area may be the first spot recognizable by some people. It’s more obvious since it thins in a rounded zone, closely surrounded by normal hair growth.

  • Hair Takes Longer to Grow

In pattern hair loss, the hair follicles enter a resting phase and more often than not, is starved on nutrients which makes your hair take longer to grow. There may be other factors why your hair takes longer to grow, but this is usually a warning sign for pattern baldness.

  • Too Much Hair Fall

If you’re noticing too much errant hairs or seeing clumps of hair on your comb, pillow, or your car’s headrest, then you may be experiencing hair loss.

  • Curly Hair

This warning sign may not occur to all men, but the showing of curly hair over the ears and the hairline of the neck is a tell-tale sign of male pattern baldness. This typically happens after noticing the thinning at the crown and the front hairline.

  • Thin, Wispy Hair

Hair follicles typically gets thinner and lose their shine before hair fall. If the front of your hairline around the temples and forehead seems to be getting thinner and wispier, then this is a sign of male pattern baldness.

  • If It Runs in the Family

While it is not totally true that male pattern baldness is genetic, it is more likely for a man whose relatives have male pattern baldness to also experience the condition. Check if both sides of the family tree have cases of hair loss to make sure.

The earlier you catch male pattern baldness, the easier it is to do something about it. When you see the signs, better consult with an expert to confirm your case and learn the possible ways you can prevent or treat it. NuHart Philippines can help you with that, so book for a consultation at

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