Recognize Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern baldness is a hair loss problem that affects 95% of men. It usually depends on genetics and if necessary actions are not performed, it may lead to irreversible baldness.

Male pattern baldness is also called Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA). Once you start showing symptoms of the pattern baldness, it takes about 20-25 years to go completely bald. But cases were also seen where some of the men did go bald as early as five years after getting the initial male pattern baldness signs.

So what are the symptoms of Male pattern Baldness?

Male pattern Baldness is a process. It is not a problem that occurs all of a sudden. It generally starts at the age of 16 to 20 and continue until the age of 50. The first sign is decrease of hair growth. It is then followed by having dull, thin hair that is prone to breakage.

Male pattern baldness is characterized by receding hairline from the side and top of the temple. This leads to gradual development of a bald patch in the center of the scalp (at the crown of the head). The receding lines slowly tend to spread and merge with the bald patch. A patchy baldness is the final outcome of male pattern baldness (which might lead to complete baldness if not controlled).

How to prevent Male Pattern Hair Loss?

Hair loss is only preventable if strict precautions are done early. Remember, once your hair follicles die, there will be no alternatives to revive those follicles.

Hair loss is cured when the DHT hormones that damage hair follicles are neutralized. The 3 elements that has been proven to neutralize this hormone are: Procapil, Minoxidil. These could be found in hair-growth sprays or treatments. Medicinal treatment of this hair loss condition include:

Topical treatment: The drug Minoxidil can be directly applied to the scalp to slow down hair fall. This is available in various potencies from 2% to 12.5% solutions but take your doctor’s advice before using above medication.

Oral treatment: Dutasteride is another drug for hair loss but take your doctor’s advice before using above medication.

Hair Transplant: Transplanting your own hair from the donor areas to the balding zones may be a solution to male pattern baldness. This is the best and permanent solution to male pattern baldness. This surgery is painless, and long lasting.

You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will. You can get natural hair back by simply undergoing hair transplant in Nu/Hart Hair Restoration Philippines.

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