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Hair Loss Treatments: How to Find the Right One for You

Hair loss can be a traumatic experience even for people who are not so inclined to vanity. There are lots of people whose self-esteem is dependent on the appearance of their hair. Majority of men (and a number of women, too) will suffer from a natural case of hair loss at some point in their lives, since it’s one of the downsides of aging. In fact, up to 50% of men will be affected by baldness in varying severities. It could be through bald spots or continually receding hairlines. So it’s not surprising that effective hair loss treatment is a popular concern among those who don’t have the guts to rock a bald head and reputable clinics for hair replacement are in demand.

But there are those who will experience balding a lot earlier, at an age when it’s not considered normal to lose hair. For most men, genetics plays a big factor in their ability to retain hair. Hair loss usually starts at age 30. If your father and other male relatives have thinning hair, then it’s more likely that you will go through the same thing so it’s wise to think about hair loss treatment that works at this stage. However, genetics is not the only reason for hair loss. Other factors such as medical conditions and stress can also make you lose precious hair.

Fortunately, you don’t have to let your genes get the final say on the fate of your appearance. There are lots of treatment options available for people who are suffering from hair loss, but not all can suit everyone. To find the best hair loss treatment, you may need to do some trial and error before you find the one that will suit your lifestyle and resources. There are two ways to deal with hair loss; you conceal it or you replace it.

Concealing Your Bald Spots

1. Hairstyle

The cheapest way to go here is have your hair styled in such a way that it conceals bald patches. This works for people who still have a considerable amount of hair. You can consult your barber or hairstylist to get the perfect cut that can make your hair appear fuller.

Military style cuts draw less attention to bald spots and make thinning hair blend in with the rest of the look. Textured crop is also a great option for men with thinning hair at the front and lots of hair on the sides since it blends whatever hair is left to the balding spots. The downside to maintaining these hairstyles is that you have to show up at the barber’s regularly, but then again this is a small price to pay for hiding receding hairlines.

2. Wig or Hairpiece

If you don’t have enough hair to cover bald spots, then covering the head completely with a wig or hairpiece is a more sensible option, especially for women. You can easily buy a wig from the department store or specialty wig shops but consider consulting a professional wig stylist to get the right piece that you can use for a long time.

As much as possible, choose a wig or hairpiece that looks similar to your original hair color and texture for a more natural look. Before buying a wig, keep in mind that you have to make an effort to keep the synthetic hair in good condition and that you have to be careful in keeping the wig in place once you put it on.

Regrowing Your Hair

Hair restoration is the best hair loss treatment for those who can’t stand the hassles of wearing wigs. If wearing a wig is a troublesome affair for you, you can opt for topical products and prescription pills that can help regrow your hair. Of course, this will not bring instant results; you have to allow for some time to notice the difference.

1. Minoxidil

Popularly known as Rogaine, this topical medication is applied to the scalp. It serves as a stimulant to the hair follicles to make them grow new hair. You can see results in as soon as four months or up to a year. You have to be consistent in taking the medication since hair loss will occur again if you stop regular application. This is a nice option if you’re willing to take your time to grow hair.

However, there are possible side effects that come with taking Minoxidil. Some of them are weight gain, swelling of the face and body, increased heartbeat, chest pain, and breathing problems. If you experience these effects, you must visit the doctor immediately.

2. Finasteride

Like Minoxidil, this medication is made to slow hair loss and regrow new hair, but this is taken orally, not topically. It does the job by blocking the generation of male hormone that is responsible for balding. Hair loss comes back when you stop taking the pill so consistency is also important here. If no hair growth is evident after one year, you should stop taking the medication.

Finasteride also has its share of possible side effects. These include rashes, itching, hives, breast tenderness, breast growth, and face swelling. Men can also experience pain in the testicles, painful ejaculation, and difficulty in getting erections.

Minoxidil and Finasteride can be taken together for better results but you have to get your doctor’s approval before doing it.

If you don’t mind invasive techniques and you can afford to spend more for your hair, then getting a hair transplant is the way to go. You can bypass the side effects that medications can bring and not worry about putting on wigs. This permanent cure to hair loss is as close to natural full head of hair that you can get. NuHart is the best permanent hair loss solution that you can get if you want to get your transplant done in Manila.

In this surgical procedure (under local anesthesia), the scalp is cleaned and numbed with anesthetic. Portions of the scalp with abundant hair growth will be removed, grafted, and transplanted to areas affected by balding. Hair transplant is permanent so you don’t have to worry about your balding anymore once you have completed the treatment.

Just like any other aesthetic procedures, hair transplant has its own risks. Before signing up for the procedure, you have to know what to expect in this hair loss treatment. Infections and scalp scarring are some of the serious concerns but these shouldn’t be a problem if you go to the best hair clinics in the Philippines. You have to undergo multiple treatments, depending on continued hair loss or preferred thickness of hair, so make sure you do your homework to find a trusted clinic to do the job. Hair growth will be noticeable a few months after the procedure.

Deciding on the Best Treatment

Each solution has its own pros and cons. Wigs are perfect for those who are looking for instant hair and minimal costs, although you may find the constant fixing and arrangement hassling in the long run. Medications are recommended for those who can’t stand the hassles of maintaining wigs and are willing to wait for results. However, pills and topical solutions have side effects that you have to deal with.

Hair transplant is an excellent solution for those who don’t mind several hair loss treatments for something more permanent and more natural-looking. The procedures as a package usually costs less than PHP 100,000, depending on the number of grafts needed for the transplant. This may sound like a huge amount but not if you factor in the money you will spend on medications and haircuts if you opt for less invasive solutions. Since you’ll be spending a considerable amount of money for the transplant, make sure that you consult only with high quality but affordable hair restoration in Manila to ensure safe and noticeable results.

2 thoughts on “Hair Loss Treatments: How to Find the Right One for You”

  1. hello.I am looking for a hairloss treatment,topical,that is neither monoxidil nor finasteride because both have severe side effects.I dont want transplants either because i cannot afford it.Can tou suggest a hair treatmen t for thinning hair that is not a scam in the philippines?thank you.eric delorme.

  2. Hi Eric, I am sorry but a real hair grower has not been discovered yet. Sadly, once men have exhibited male pattern hair loss, it is just a matter of time before everything falls out on a case to case basis.

    I am telling you this in all honesty that the only real and permanent solution to hairloss is hair transplant. Finasteride and Minoxidil both have delaying properties to hair loss but they do not regrow hair. Any claims to regrow hair by topical means is a hoax.

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    Please submit pictures of your hairline, sides and back of your head so we may at least give you a free online assessment.

    Thanks and best regards.

    Celso Opaco

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