The Dapper Man’s Summer Hairstyle Trends

Is your hair prepared to look cool under the hot summer heat? The Guardian says that 2016 is projected to be the hottest year in recorded history, but you can still look dapper with a great, summer-ready haircut. Keep your stylish cool with these six hair trends for men this summer.

1. Choose Style: The Classic Side Part

Choose Style: The Classic Side Part
Photo courtesy of Christopher Campbell via Unsplash

The classic side part has been a staple of dapper men since the 1940s. It is easily considered by many to be traditional yet stylish. Newer versions of this timeless look are appearing as a great summer hairstyle for men. You can definitely recreate the style and adapt it to your modern taste. The key to making it cool and current is to get the right haircut and products.

For starters, you can ask your barber for short sides with a gradual fade. This will contrast with the top section of your hair and allow you better styling. A great matte mousse or wax will help you achieve structure and control. When styling, take care against excessive and hard brushing. Effective products and proper styling will make this style look great and help prevent hair loss in men.

2. Surf with Summer Waves: Manly Curls

Surf with Summer Waves
Photo courtesy of Jacob Walti via Unsplash

One of the best summer hairstyle for men in 2016 is the manly curls. This look is celebrated by trendsetters from high fashion to Instagram. Wavy hair is a great men’s hair type because it’s easy to style and has natural volume. It can also look good in various hair lengths, although short to medium length is ideal to keep it comfortable during the summer heat. However if you interpret and style this look, it’s important to consider what kind of natural curls you have. Wavy hair will look great with a light hair mousse. Stronger curls or kinky hair look best with pomades for definition and control. Another great summer hair tip to get manly curls is to experiment with hair partings. This will add variation to your natural volume and waves.

3. Ready to Mingle: Rugged yet Polished Cut

Rugged yet Polished Cut

Rugged summer hairstyles get the oohs and ahhs from the ladies because they exude confidence and adventure. A man sporting this style can appear daring and unfazed by whatever situation he is in. What makes this style new is its approach to practicality. The shorter crop makes the look appropriate for summer while maintaining that hassle-free vibe. Combine it with a stylish beard and you have a total look that is sexy and cool. You can still recreate this look even if your have thinning hair. Apart from ensuring great shape for your hair and beard, you can also consider a hair transplant to keep your hair vibrant and full. Manila hair transplant procedures are not only quick but are also effective at making your hair and beard look healthy and youthful again. Patchy hair can compromise the look, so it’s advisable that you maintain volume and evenness for a great appearance.

4. Get Your Fringe On: Artistic Versatility

Artistic Versatility
Photo courtesy of Micah. H via Unsplash

Men’s fashion trends for summer heavily feature the man fringe. The look alludes to an artistic aesthetic that men can personalize and experiment with. Working favorably well with straight hair, the man fringe can also work with other hair types depending on the overall look. Fringe styles are different for each guy, allowing your unique features to shine through. You have thin hair? Have a layered cut to create a fuller appearance. Also consider natural solutions for hair loss, such as using coconut oil before showering to avoid dryness. There are also more drastic yet safe procedures. For example, did you know hair transplant in Philippines can be done without linear scarring, stitches and bandages? Whatever you hair condition, the general rule of thumb when doing the man fringe is to keep the dimensions simple yet full.

5. Pump Up the Edge: The Short and Choppy Cut

Pump Up the Edge
Photo courtesy of Sara Cimino via Flickr, Creative Commons

Structured short hair with texture has made the cut as one of the top men’s hairstyles for summer. It’s low-maintenance enough for everyday wear. Yet, it is also slick enough to add an edge to dapper men over 30. The style is fantastic for those with longer faces because the shorter top will make the face look more balanced. It also works for men with a thinner face. The choppy cut will add texture and lend the illusion of weight. Styling is easy, and there are number of ways you can go about it. Tousle your hair with a matte wax by using your fingers. Or, for a little shine, use a water-based pomade on slightly damp hair. You can also apply booster powder to the roots for a natural volume and relaxed hold.

6. Pull it Back: Fifties Slick Pompadour

Fifties Slick Pompadour
Photo courtesy of Nathan Fertig via Unsplash

Contemporary summer hair ideas for men is about mixing the old with the new. While the slick pompadour has been around for quite some time, it is now enjoying a revival with a twist—the nod to the 1950s makes this style “retro modern.” To get the most out of this look, keep the sides of your hair ultra short. Also, opt for a sharp disconnect in your side hair for that 2016 interpretation. Leave the top hair voluminous for dimension and body. Men with straight hair can optimize the look by pulling back their hair with a wet pomade. Make your hair routine easy and simple by combing through your hair lightly. Add natural movement by loosening up the structure a bit with your fingers.

With these 2016 summer hair trends for men, you’re sure to power through the heat with style and ease. Adapt these styles to your personality. Adding your own twist to the looks will ensure the coolness that will look hot all throughout summer.

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