Beauty Blooper: 10 Eyelash and Eyebrow Fails to Avoid

Did you know that a recent study has found that eyebrows is a woman’s most important facial feature to make a lasting impression? This is remarkable, and you’d think that many women are immune from eyebrow mistakes based on the importance they place on looking and feeling great. But the struggle to have the best brows and lashes is real for many women. To maintain health eyebrows and eyelashes, it’s important to learn from your and other people’s mistakes. Here are 10 common fails with tips on how to fix eyelash and eyebrow blunders.

1. You’ve Overplucked Your Brows

Overplucked Your Brows

Over-plucking is a common mistake many women frequently commit. When the brows appear unruly, a natural inclination is to pluck your troubled brows away. While it’s good in theory, going overboard will result in thin eyebrows that look balding. Remember that it takes about three to four weeks to grow your lost eyebrow hairs. In some women, the regrowth can even take as long as three months. So, it’s always wise to exercise caution and go easy on the plucking. Only pluck the stray hairs to achieve your desired brow shape.

2. You Can’t See Your Invisible Brows

Dyeing your eyebrow hairs to lighten their color can make them less apparent. There’s always the risk of making them too light that you don’t see them afterwards. For ladies with naturally light-colored brows—this is true especially for redheads and blondes—the way to do it is to ever so slightly darken the color with the help of a professional. Another great option is to use tinted gels. These products are designed to subtly give your arches more definition, so you play with eyebrow shapes that suit your face.

3. You Have Clumpy Spider Lashes

Clumpy Spider Lashes

Spider lashes are the rage now in high fashion. While it can be a show stopper in the world of haute couture, spider lashes can look a little off when adapted to women’s everyday settings. Having spider lashes at work or school can send the wrong impression. Playing up with your eye looks is alright every now and then. But remember to tone down your trendiness in more formal settings and occasions. Looking more polished can look even more beautiful than looking trendy. Two to three coats of mascara to add definition is usually just what you need to make your lashes pop.

4. Mismatched Color Needs Harmony

To have the perfect brow color is a dream of many women. A complimentary eyebrow color that suits your skin and hair color can make your face look more beautiful. However, clash in colors goes against a cardinal rule on how to do eyebrows, which is to flatter rather than to clash with your features. Whatever your hair and skin color, cool ashy tones tend to be the most universally flattering because they mimic the natural shadow of your brows. Experiment with this color tone if you’re having a hard time harmonizing your overall look.

5. Bushy Brows Need Major TLC

The hot trend now is to grow your eyebrows and make them look fuller. But overdoing it turn into a hot mess. Naturally thick brows exude youthfulness and innocent beauty, but remember to groom them appropriately. Bushy eyebrows can appear harsh and disorderly. Whether it’s plucking, waxing or other methods, exercise proper brow maintenance.

6. Unnatural Lashes Can Distract

Unnatural Lashes

Most mascaras are near black in color, but a few come in white. While white mascaras can look fashionable or artistic in some occasions, it can look unnatural when worn daily. Some would even use blue mascaras, but it’s advisable to avoid non-black colors for your mascara as they can be distracting rather than attractive.

7. Unkempt Thinning Brows Need Shaping

Even thinning brows need shaping and attention. Many women suffer from eyelash and eyebrow loss and are in search of effective solutions. If left unaddressed, unkempt thinning brows can make you look a little sickly. There’s always makeup to help you transform your look from nah to wow. A good hypoallergenic mascara and ashy-tone brow pencils are some of the best products to help you look more put together and properly groomed. There’s also the exciting of option of eyelash and eyebrow growth treatments that you can consult with a medical professional.

8. Boxy, Harsh Brows Must Be Softened

Boxy and Harsh Brows

Boxy, harsh brows are usually caused by uneven application of a brow product. This common mistake can make your face appear disproportionate. The best way to avoid this brow fail is to use a product with the right tone and texture. It doesn’t matter if you prefer brow products in cream, powder or wax form. What achieves the perfect look is application. There’s no shortcut to finding best way to apply your own brow makeup, so heed these words of wisdom—practice, practice, practice. As a general rule, apply light strokes on the inner portion of your brows (near the bridge of the nose) to create a softer and natural appearance.

9. Smudgy, Runny Lash Makeup

Runny Lash Makeup

Smudgy mascara can make you look haggard and unhygienic. Given the important roles of lashes in health and beauty, be mindful in only using the right products for the eyes. It’s best to choose a mascara that is waterproof and hypoallergenic. If you’re a blonde or a redhead, the key to creating an effect of eyelash regrowth through makeup is to use black or soft brown mascara. Finding it hard to remove your waterproof mascara at night? A great trick is to use a gentle oil-based eye makeup remover. You can also use olive oil or coconut oil as natural and affordable alternatives. These are very effective at removing stubborn eye makeup with gentle ease.

10. Single-line Brows Look Comical

Single-line Brows

Single line brows may be appropriate if you are on stage in a theater production. However, it can look comical if you adopt this as your everyday look. Many women suffering from facial hair loss try to fill in the gaps with brow products. But drawing a single line can’t solve your brow problem! Consider eyelash and eyebrow treatments if you’re not too keen on applying makeup daily. The available facial hair growth treatments have become more accessible and effective for women who want a long-term solution.

Have you committed any of these beauty blunders? These common eyelash and eyebrow mistakes are so common that even celebrities are not immune. With the available makeup products and medical treatments, you can easily correct these errors to the create a lasting good impression with your best brows and lashes.

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