5-minute Early Morning Hair Makeover For Super Moms

As a super mom, do you still allot time for you hair amidst the morning rush? You sure have a lot on your plate—whipping up breakfast, preparing the kids, and rushing to work. If you struggle with your hair and worry that your hair routine will take forever in the morning, this article is for you. Check out these five-minute hairstyle tips for super moms in the morning.

1. Fast and Polished Ponytail

Fast and Polished Ponytail

Easy mom hairstyles should be quick to create but still look great. This polished ponytail is one of the quickest and best hairstyles for moms in their 30s, who juggle work and home responsibilities. The no nonsense hairstyle is complemented with a touch of refinement. To achieve the look, sweep hair into a ponytail using a boar bristle brush. Work a defining cream through your hair for subtle definition and shine. Having a regular haircut to trim ends can also help you achieve this look extra fast.

2. Proud Momma Curls

Proud Momma Curls
Photo courtesy of London Scout via Unsplash

Busy moms with naturally curly hair are often looking for a quick hair makeover and investments. One of the best quick hair tips in the morning is to leave on a moisturizing hair mask the night before. Create your own organic version as a practical hair investment. To save lots of time in the morning, apply the mask from mid-shaft to the ends about 20 to 30 minutes before bed. Comb through your hair using a detangling brush or your fingers for an even application. Then pull your hair into a loose ponytail and lay a towel over your pillow. Depending on the ingredients you use for the mask, you can skip shampoo in the morning. Do this treatment twice a week or as often as needed.

3. Frizz-free Beachy Waves

Frizz-free Beachy Waves

Having wavy hair can be a disaster in the morning. You can, of course, use a curling iron and take forever creating undone, gorgeous beachy waves. But do busy moms have time for that!? Use a texturizing hair spray for a fantastic and quick morning hair routine. This will result to frizz-free beachy waves. Part you hair in the middle, and twist sections then spray the hair product. Finish up this easy hairstyle by blasting your hair with a blow dryer, which shouldn’t take more than three minutes.

4. Bohemian Goddess Chic

Bohemian Goddess Chic

Unleash your inner Aphrodite despite your busy morning with one of the most beautiful and romantic hairstyles: the bohemian goddess look. It’s one of those easy five-minute hairstyles busy moms with long hair can quickly do. In fact, you can achieve it perfectly in your sleep. How? After your evening shower, tie your wet hair in a messy bun before going to bed. You’ll wake up with gorgeous natural texture. To tame the waves, use a silicone-based hair serum. Add a colorful scarf for that design element to secure your hair .

5. Fun and Cute Side Bun

Fun and Cute Side Bun

A fun and cute side bun can be a great hairstyle for moms with babies or any mom who wants to look youthful. This look is in obvious reference to Princess Leia of Star Wars. Create three sections, namely the two side buns and the front bangs. Tie the buns a little loosely to make it casual. Use hairspray to control the frizz and keep the buns in place.

6. Tousled Side Fishtail

Tousled Side Fishtail
Photo courtesy of Kate Aspen via Google CC Search

A side-swept low fishtail is an easy hairstyle for busy moms. It looks ravishing and takes little time to perfect. Curl the long bang using your finger and apply a small amount of hairspray for an all-day flick. Loosen up the ponytail for that laidback yet glamorous tousled feel. A style frequently sported by celebrity moms like Beyonce and Nicole Kidman, this look is great for all moms including you.

7. Easy Zen Locks

Easy Zen Locks
Photo courtesy of Caroline Sleeper via Unsplash

Quick and relaxing hair routines are a must for busy moms. This zen-inspired hairstyle exudes balance and finesse without looking monotonous. It’s super easy and quick to do. Use a light texturizing product on dry or slightly damp hair. Then, use the lowest setting of your hair dryer while scrunching the bottom of your hair to create volume. This look is especially great for moms with short to mid-length hair.

8. Easier-than-it-looks Braided Crown

Braided Crown
Photo courtesy of Jenny Strebe via YouTube

This style is arguably one of the best morning routines that can make you look regal without having to spend too much time and money. Creating different variations of the quick-braided crown is easier than it looks, and is effective at getting good hair once again. It’s also great even for women suffering hair loss due to age because of the texture and volume. Separate your hair and create two low fishtails. Then, pull one fishtail up to the opposite side and use bobby pins to secure it. Repeat on the other fishtail while positioning it behind the first fishtail.

9. Volumized Low Pony

Volumized Low Pony
Photo courtesy of Confessions of a Hairstylist via YouTube

Quick hair tips in the morning should enhance your natural beauty. With the volume and controlled texture of this low back pony, you can have that easy style you’re looking for. Using a brush, pull your hair to your ears. Secure with an elastic band while leaving the hair near your ears quite loose. Tease the top and bottom sections of your hair to create fullness or use your fingers to loosen your hair and create the same volumizing effect. Apply a frizz-tamer that is not too shiny and wet to avoid limp hair.

10. Bobby-Pinned Simplicity

Bobby-Pinned Simplicity
Photo courtesy of CraftHubs via Google CC Search

A bobby pin is the best friend of easy mom hairstyles. This humble hairstyle staple is perfect for both simple and ornate looks. Create an easy, demure style by taking a front section of your hair and securing it behind your head with a bobby pin. Bobby pins can alleviate hair loss in women because they don’t require too much pulling of the hair.

11. Adorned Low Bun

Adorned Low Bun
Photo courtesy of Confessions of a Hairstylist via YouTube

Fabulous moms can even look more fabulous with this look, which can be easily considered as a fun and quick hairstyle even for moms in their 40s and older. Brush your hair and create a low bun at the back. Then, accessorize with a feather clip or anything visual you prefer. Moms dealing with the impact of hair loss can look great in this because accessorizing adds dimension to your hair.

With these quick morning hairstyles for moms with a busy schedule, you’re sure to look put together and elegant in no time at all. These looks prove that super moms like you can look your best with five-minute hairstyles!

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