Summer Essentials: Hair Tips for Protection Against Heat

Damaged hair, don’t care? Well, you should. A lot of things can go wrong with your locks this summer. People normally go all out on sunscreen to protect the skin from the mighty heat of the sun but often forget that hair needs protection and nourishment, too.

Fried hair is real and not just a figure of speech. New York dermatologist Jessica J. Krant explains that without heat protection, the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun actually “cook the hair shaft.” The rays dry out hair; it makes the normally smooth, healthy hair frizzy, dull, and looking tired. Chlorine from the pool or saltwater also beat up your hair.

Summer Essentials
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Summer is a time for shiny, bouncy, and luscious hair. It’s the best time to flaunt it and style it with those colorful bands and hats. It’s a good thing that there are many ways to protect your hair this summer—from cute bandanas to getting that cool summer haircut.

Start summer with a haircut
It is recommended to get a trim right before summer starts. This is to get rid of split ends and hair that’s too thick. The harmful UV rays will do extra harm to hair that’s already dry and prone to breakage and by the end of summer, you will find your hair totally damaged. Also, go for conditioning treatment as soon as summer is over.

Use anti-UV hair products

Use anti-UV hair products
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For ultimate summer hair protection, make it a daily habit to apply hair care products that contain UV filters. Most are finishing products such as UV-based hairspray, leave-on conditioner, gel, mask or cream formulas. Opt for products with a good amount of SPF in them. These products will protect hair from sun damage and those that are especially advised for color treated hair will prevent color from fading. Remember to apply these products on damp hair.

Beat summer in the shower
Proper summer hair care starts right at the shower. Use a mild and gentle shampoo that will wash your hair and cleanse your scalp but will retain moisture. You will be sweating more this season which may result in dandruff-causing bacteria. Make sure to wash your hair more often.

Do not underestimate the power of a good conditioner. Conditioner gives hair body, moisture, and strength. Choose a conditioner with sunscreen and high protein content for better hydration and overall hair protection.

Pre-swimming routine

Pre-swimming routine
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Among the hair tips for summer is making sure that you dampen your locks before diving in. Spraying water or going for a quick shower will add an extra layer of coating from chlorine or saltwater. After all, water is the most natural setting lotion for the hair. It is also good to apply leave-on conditioner before going for a swim. Take note: do not shampoo your hair before swimming because it only tends to extract all essential oils and make your hair more vulnerable to damage.

Give your hair a break

Give your hair a break
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Skip the styling tools this summer. Your hair is already absorbing too much heat, and blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons will only make things worse. Also, avoid styling products that has formaldehyde. Limit hair coloring, bleaching, and applying hair chemicals.

Hair is at its most fragile when wet so don’t rip a brush through it right after taking a shower or a dip in the pool. Brush it carefully and spray some detangler first. Minimize post-shower brushing by running your fingers through your hair. Use a soft towel in drying your hair and don’t be too aggressive. Once hair is damp, use a wide-tooth comb to brush it.

If you are thinking on what your summer 2016 hairstyle would be, take anything that requires pulling the hair too tight off your choices. Loose ponytails, buns, knots, and up-dos are the way to go. They don’t only look stylish, they also protect the scalp and prevent sweating. As much as possible, alternate the way you put your hair up so you won’t stress the same strands every day. You may tie it up, low or to the side. For men, you can still keep the hair that women love—a polished look. If you want to grow your mane long, a man bun might just work for you.

Hair needs water, too

Keep yourself hydrated this summer by increasing your fluid intake. The health benefits of drinking plenty of water extend up the scalp and the hair. Water energizes the nerve endings, which enhances the natural vitality of the hair and skin roots.

At the same time, you can fight the impact of hair loss with high water intake. When your body is hydrated, your circulatory system is regulated, which in turn feeds the hair follicles that stimulate hair growth and prevents hair fall. Water helps maintain cell health and reproduction, which are responsible for hair growth.

Do not crash diet

Stressed that your bikini won’t look good on you? You have to work on that long before summer because crash dieting will clearly have bad effects on your health. At the same time, starving yourself may also restrict hair growth. Your body will be forced to direct its energy doing essential functions that it will neglect nourishing your hair. This is why one of the top symptoms of anorexia is severe hair loss. It is advised to invest in your health to have great hair by having a healthy diet with plenty of protein because hair is primarily made of protein.

Cover up with those cute sun shields

Cute sun shields

Umbrellas are not only for rainy days. They are also good accessories to protect your hair from the heat. If you are going for a walk by the shore, don’t forget to put on a hat or scarf. They are not only chic accessories, they also serve as a shield from the harmful effects of the sun and wind. Do not wear the scarf too tight to allow better circulation of blood in your scalp. If you can rock a shower cap when you go for a swim, that would be nice, too.

There are more ways on how to protect hair from damage this summer. So there’s no excuse for you to let the heat ruin your hair. Do not let all the hair-related warnings keep you from enjoying the sun and the summer fun either.

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