Easy Hair Care Tips Men Can Do At Home 

Keeping your hair in good condition can be such a challenge. This is true, especially for men who have reached a certain age in their lives. They have to contend with so many factors in taking care of their hair, most of which are out of their control. There are hair loss causes that you can control but there are just those that you cannot. If the care of one’s hair is left unnoticed, hair loss may be experienced faster than one may have expected.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way for men. Rather than endure a poor hair condition, you can commit to a set of care tips that can be done right in the comfort of your own home. These actions don’t take much time, money, or effort to perform. And when they’re done on a regular basis, you can expect your hair to be healthier and stronger.

In the event these tips won’t have any effect, you may consider getting a hair transplant. It’s a procedure that gives a lasting and positive result to your hair loss problems. It’s also safe to give you more peace of mind if you’re worried about getting this type of operation. As such, shown below are the hair care tips you can do while you’re at home.

Take some time to dry your hair properly and completely

This care tip might be a no brainer but most men don’t practice it. After taking a bath, your hair is drenched in water. Like most men, you may have used a towel to rub your hair until it is dry. If you have been used to this practice, you better stop it for the sake of your hair.

Newly-washed hair is susceptible to damage when you dry it with a towel. Just check the towel after doing so and you may find a significant amount of hair on it. When it comes to drying your hair, the best course of action is to pat it in the direction it grows. Allow it to dry naturally to prevent any kind of damage being done to your hair.

Lessen your use of any type of headgear

Your hair needs to breathe and be free if it’s going to be healthy. In some cases, this won’t be possible if you excessively wear a cap or hat. These headgear products prevent oxygen from reaching the tips of your hair, preventing nourishing nutrients from reaching them. At the same time, the hair’s roots will be pulled and kept in a tight spot whenever you wear headgear. 

Using them most of the time will hasten the falling out of your hair. If you must wear one, make sure to use a loose-fitting cap or hat. This should be done to prevent your hair from being damaged inside.

Keep the application of hair products close to none

There are instances when you may need to apply various products on your hair to achieve a certain outcome. There’s nothing wrong with using these products but they may be the cause of hair damage or fall if you use them excessively. Some examples include hair gel, wax, and pomade, among others. They are used to style your hair in any way you prefer for any type of occasion.

Although they can be useful for special events or your daily routine, their effect on your hair can be disastrous. Again, it’s important for your hair to receive various nutrients for nourishment. These products have the tendency to cut off the supply of these nutrients, causing hair to be damaged or to fall out. The wisest course of action is to choose when to apply these products to keep your hair in good condition.

When you do use a kind of hair product, you need to wash it off as soon as you get home or before you sleep. If you fail to do so, your hair will sustain damage that can cause it to fall out earlier than you expected.

Use shampoo only once a day

Applying shampoo on your hair while taking a bath is definitely a must. This hair care product cleans and gets rid of dirt stuck on your hair and scalp. It does this feat without causing any kind of permanent damage to your hair. But of course, this won’t be the case when you decide to use shampoo more than once a day.

The chemicals used in shampoo may prove to be too harsh to your hair. Exposure to excessive amounts of this product may cause your hair to fall out. It’s better to use shampoo only once a day to prevent this problem from occurring.

Prevent your hair from being exposed to the sun too much

You might not know it but your hair is very sensitive to harsh weather conditions. One example of these conditions is a constant exposure to the Sun and its harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Apart from causing damage to your skin cells, your hair will also be affected when you go out and the Sun is at its peak. If you can, it’s better to conduct all of your business and goals within the confines of an indoor environment. On the other hand, if you can’t prevent it, you can use an umbrella or apply a nourishing hair product for protection from the Sun’s rays. In this way, you are preventing your hair from being harmed while you’re outdoors.

Condition your hair using an egg

If you’re tired of using conventional conditioners on your hair, you may want to consider applying an egg while you’re taking a bath. For those with normal hair, the whole egg can be used as a conditioner. Those with oily hair need to employ the egg white only while men with dry and brittle hair should use the egg yolk. An egg wash will go straight into your scalp and provide strength and structure to the hair follicles. It’s recommended to use an egg to condition your hair once a month to get the best results. Don’t do this act regularly because it may cause adverse effects on your hair.

Final words

Follow these tips to avoid impending hair loss and unhealthy scalp. Sometimes, the natural way plus a little effort on your part can work magic in protecting your hair and scalp.

But when hair loss finally comes, you can resort to a new scientific approach that relies on your own body’s ability to produce new functioning hair follicles. This is done through a stem cell therapy whereby the inactive follicles areas in the scalp are “activated.”

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