Understanding the Importance of Having Healthy Eyebrows

Why do we have eyebrows? It is an important question because it not only deals with looking good but also with being healthy. In fact, the aesthetics of healthy-looking eyebrows are closely related to a number of crucial health facts. Have you ever thought about the health issues related to your eyebrows? Looking a little closer will teach you why it’s healthy to have properly maintained eyebrows. Here are the 6 health benefits of having good eyebrows.

1. See with Better Vision

See with Better Vision
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Imagine yourself sweating a lot during a hot summer day or while exercising. Then, imagine yourself not having eyebrows at all. Does the image look funny and weird? It definitely is, but the need for eyebrows go beyond aesthetics. Helping you have better vision is one important purpose of eyebrows. As an essential feature of the face, eyebrows prevent sweat and moisture from getting in your eyes. The salt content of sweat makes it potentially irritating to the eyes. The same goes for moisture from rain water and other things.

Looking at eyebrow shapes can provide further explanation. You will notice that your eyebrows have a natural arch. The shape helps divert moisture to the sides of the face, allowing your eyes to be dry as much as possible. Without eyebrow hair, it will be difficult for humans to see clearly because there’s no protective barrier for your vision.

2. Good Hygiene in Healthy Eyebrows

Do you often go to salons to have your thick eyebrows groomed? Consider yourself lucky if you leave the salon without any irritation or bothersome redness. When done poorly, eyebrow procedures such as waxing and threading can lead to infected and inflamed skin. Hence, having good eyebrows after a grooming session is an indication that the aesthetician did his or her job well.

The health implications of eyebrow grooming procedures oblige dermatologists to never tire of repeating this oft-forgotten beauty tip: only go to beauticians with proper training. Never compromise your safety by not inspecting the facilities and certification of a salon. Ensure that the beautician or aesthetician maintains good hygiene and only uses sterilized materials. For sensitive skin under those brows, it’s important to know that threading can be a better idea than waxing. There is less likelihood of irritation in threading because there’s no heated wax involved and the focus is on a smaller area.

3. Reflection of Proper Nutrition

Reflection of Proper Nutrition
Photo courtesy of Larisa Birta via Unsplash

Do you follow a healthy diet? If you do, then you’re allowing your body to have the benefits of healthy eyebrows. A diet composed mainly of vegetables, nutritious grains and lean meats is one of the best ways to ensure hair growth on eyebrows. Deficiency in vitamins and minerals can lead to eyebrow loss.

One of the best health tips is to have sufficient amounts of vitamins A, E, D, and B-complex to help stimulate and support hair growth. They are also essential for metabolic processes and to help you cope with stress that can also lead to hair loss. Apart from avoiding stress, try having more of spinach, wild rice, carrots, almonds, kale, eggs, and lean meats. These food sources are brimming with fat-soluble vitamins and healthy minerals. Increasing your intake of powerhouse foods can do the trick for hair restoration if you suffer from hair loss or thinning caused by nutrient deficiency.

4. Express Your Emotions Better

Express Your Emotions Better

Your eyebrows are a unique facial feature that help you express and communicate effectively. Without your eyebrows, having healthy relationships can be more difficult to sustain because you lack the feature to express your feelings better. Surely, you wouldn’t want this to happen.

According to some experts, the type of eyebrows you have can define other people’s perception of you. Many of our daily experience support this view. For example, one of the effects of thin eyebrows is appearing cold and unapproachable. The risks of poorly shaped brows include looking angry, which may send the wrong signal to others. Having full eyebrows can make you look youthful and relatable. With your eyebrows, your body language can also be more accurately deciphered. Even without words, your eyebrows move in ways that allow other people to understand your emotion.

5. Free from Autoimmune Disease

Free from Autoimmune Disease

Loss of eyebrow hair can be indicative of autoimmune diseases like hypothyroidism and alopecia areata. Hypothyroidism affects hair growth by making your thyroid gland underactive, while alopecia areata causes hair loss by attacking the hair follicles. Apart from hair loss, symptoms may also include weakness, skin dryness, weight gain, and chronic fatigue.

Many people suffering from the hair loss effects of an autoimmune disease look for ways on how to get fuller eyebrows back. Thanks to scientific advances, eyebrow restoration procedures are more convenient and effective than ever. These procedures have become more available and accessible as well. For example, hair transplant in Manila comes with free consultation, and the procedures are priced reasonably. The available treatments make addressing autoimmune diseases more holistic and favorable.

6. Feel Confidently Beautiful

Feel Confidently Beautiful

Historically and culturally, the effects of maintaining eyebrows allow both men and women to look and feel their best. Our eyebrows frame our face, so it’s naturally considered by many as an indication of attractiveness. According to an MIT study, eyebrows play a role in recognition—they are more important for people to recognize each other than previously thought. We know the saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and science is making us understand more how eyebrows play a large part in this.

It’s for this reason that people across cultures and time periods have devised ways to make themselves feel good through their eyebrows. From plucking to hair loss treatments, people today have at their disposal a multitude of ways to become attractive to others. We know that looking beautiful have the health benefit of making us feel better about ourselves. We are more confident when we look good and are more at ease in dealing with people whether professionally or on a more personal scale.

Understanding the effects of healthy eyebrows allows you to address related health issues, such as the impact of hair loss and serious diseases. Whether functioning as emotion signals or indicating overall health, properly maintained eyebrows help you be your most healthy and beautiful self.

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