Why the Philippines Is the Top Destination For Hair Restoration

Seeing hair fall off, staring at a bald spot, and watching helplessly as your hairline recedes is more than just enduring a bad hair day. For millions of men and women all over the world, hair loss is more than a problem of vanity but of self-worth.

It should not be a surprise that hair loss solutions are sought all over the world — from hair products, creams, and medicines. For over a decade, hair transplantation and restoration has also gained ground. The latest statistics from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) show that hair restoration is a multimillion dollar industry. Based on the group’s report, the total market for hair transplant surgery has increased by 28% since 2008, with an estimated $2.5 billion in 2014.

From 2006 to 2014, hair transplant procedures have increased by a whopping 76%. In 2014 alone, nearly 400,000 hair restoration procedures were performed around the world. Around one-third of these were done in the US.

Hair Restoration Destination
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The odds are that you will likely experience hair thinning or baldness at some point in your life. According to the American Hair Loss Association, the devastating truth about hair loss is that two-thirds of men will begin to lose their hair at age 35. When men hit 50, about 85% will suffer a certain level of baldness. Women are not immune either. In fact, roughly 40% of hair loss sufferers are women, who at age 50 will likely start dealing with pattern baldness.

These men and women search the world for top clinics for hair transplantation. One of the main reasons why hair loss sufferers from first-world countries cross borders to address their hair loss problems is because chances are that the procedure is more inexpensive in developing countries.

One of the top destinations for hair transplants is the Philippines. With its medical tourism industry on the rise, hair restoration in the Philippines is quickly gaining momentum. What is it about this beautiful island nation that makes it a top-notch destination for hair loss treatment?

We listed down the top seven reasons why the Philippines is a top go-to place for getting those healthy tresses back.

Affordability is Key

Affordability is Key

You are sure to get the best value for your money. Hair transplant reviews in the Philippines found that a regular hair transplant surgery in modern clinics in the Philippines will cost 78% less than American clinics. Most clinics also offer free consultations.

To give you a peek at how much the procedure would cost, a top clinic for hair transplant in Manila performs 4,000 hair graft procedures in one session instead of two as most clinics do. The cost will depend on the stage of balding and the expectations of patients. Some clinics even offer special promos and packages.

Field of Experts

Field of Experts
Photo courtesy of NuHart Clinic Philippines

The Philippines is home to some of the best physicians and surgeons in the world. You can find the best hair transplant surgeons here and also expect the best client care from the medical staff. Surgeons and transplant technicians were trained locally and abroad with impressive experience in the field.

Among the pioneers in the field of hair restoration is Dr. Romeo Bato. As resident surgeon of Nu/Hart Hair Restoration Philippines, Dr. Bato performs follicular unit transplantation (FUT) through strip harvesting and advanced follicular unit extraction (FUE) with excellent results. Dr. Bato earned his medical specialization in hair transplantation in Pittsburgh and New York. He is also a member of the ISHRS. Aside from performing a wide array of restoration surgeries, he is also often tapped to correct cosmetic blunders.

Aside from experienced surgeons such as Dr. Bato, the whole medical team are trained and experienced to produce high-quality service and results. From the consultation phase, the patient will be given the warmest reception. The medical staff understands that getting hair transplantation is a life-changing decision and will patiently discuss with you every aspect of the procedure, answer all your questions, and help you manage your expectations.

Breakthrough Treatment Options and Techniques

Breakthrough Treatment Options and Techniques
Photo courtesy of Nuhart Clinic Philippines

Affordable does not mean low-quality, definitely not in the Philippines. Hair restoration procedures in the country are known for their excellent quality, giving patients a natural looking hair that even patients themselves will hardly distinguish the transplanted hair from natural ones.

Top hair transplantation clinics in the Philippines, such as NuHart Clinic in Manila, take pride in using only the latest technology. It has pioneered in neografting, a non-stitch and scar-free permanent hair loss solution. The traditional strip method technique is also something that modern clinics here have expertise on.

Hair transplant services go beyond redeeming your crowning glory. Modern Philippine clinics also specialize in eyelash, eyebrow, facial hair, and all sorts of body hair transplant.

The breakthrough treatment options are complemented with the latest medical and surgical instruments. Because top clinics in the country are global brands too, the processes of harvesting and planting are done only with the best equipment and facilities, and with dedicated rooms for the harvesting and planting stages, as well as recovery.

Personal and Confidential

Personal and Confidential
Photos and identities of patients are only released with their consent.
Photo courtesy of NuHart Clinic Philippines

You can count on Philippine hair transplant surgeons and staff to keep everything confidential. The whole process, from the consultation to the actual procedure, will be performed with utmost attention to privacy.

Filipino surgeons are also known for affording their patients a kind of care with some personal touch. They understand that when it comes to hair restoration, no two cases are the same. Hair loss solution experts in the Philippines will work with the patient every step of the way, creating a customized hair treatment plan. The patient can freely tell his medical team what he wants. Surgeons will patiently walk him through what can be done, what cannot be done and what to expect.

Result-driven Procedures

Result-driven Procedures
Photos and identities of patients are only released with their consent.
Photo courtesy of NuHart Clinic Philippines

Of course, there are simple ways to cover up hair loss. As Elite Daily suggested, layers and dry shampoo can help conceal the condition. However, for a more permanent solution, hair transplantation is your go-to choice.

In the Philippines, you will find hair transplant clinics that are truly results-driven. Patients will notice significant change in as early as six months. Hair strands definitely look natural and patients can expect a boost in their confidence levels soon enough. Follow-up visits and maintenance may not be required unless of course the patient wants to return for an even fuller-looking hair.

Client testimonials are a proof to this. They all rave about great results and how the procedure made them feel younger and more confident.

Friendly and Accommodating People

The Filipinos are one of the happiest peoples in the world. When you are undergoing a life-changing procedure such as hair transplantation, it is best to surround yourself with positivity. In and out of the clinic, you will feel a warm welcome from the medical team down to the locals you will meet on the street.

Filipinos are known worldwide for being very accommodating. Everywhere you go, you will see nothing but a warm smile on every face.

You also should not worry about social stigma associated with enhancement procedures such as hair transplants. In the Philippines, such stigma does not exist.

Be in a Fun Environment

Fun Environment

How would you like to redeem your tresses and be on a vacation, too? One of the reasons why the Philippines is one of the best clinics in the world for hair loss solutions is because a patient can also enjoy some sightseeing. The island nation is home to the world’s best beaches, historical sites, and festivals, not to mention the best cuisine.

Since Philippines is a tropical country, major tourist destinations are open anytime of the year. Summer, however, is the best time to visit some of the beaches, which are considered some of the world’s best. Get close to the rich marine life in Palawan, go on a historic adventure in Ilocos, and party like a boss in Boracay.

If you are still wondering on where to go for hair transplantation, give the Philippines a look. Hair clinics in the country take pride in its pool of world-class surgeons, breakthrough technology, and fast, natural-looking results. If you think affordability doesn’t come with quality, let Philippine hair transplant clinics prove you wrong.

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